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Story time with this big box store


1. Ordered a Nintendo Switch for a gift online.  It arrived with a heavily damaged box (not damaged in shipping) with a giant flourescent sticker on it which read something along the line of "pick first" and some other store info.  So someone at the their warehouse knowingly sent out a heavily damaged box and some clerk forgot to take the sticker memo off of it (most likely).  Didn't have time to drive the 42 mile round trip to my local store for an exchange so I requested a return via mail.  Best Buy made me pay for the return on the damaged item they knowingly sent me.  I was never reimbursed for the return shipping.  


2.  Ordered a CD from an obscure band.  It was $22 so to get the free shipping at $35 I added a printer cartridge to the order.  The CD was on backorder and they quickly sent me the printer cartridge.  5 weeks later they still hadn't sent the CD even though the CD was always in stock with the record label's online store over that time.   So whomever fills their music orders made zero effort to fulfill this order.   They then canceled the CD portion of the order and then refunded me only $10 of the $22 I paid for the CD because they then charged me $11.98 for that 3 oz printer cartridge they sent me 5 weeks before.  Best Buy being Best Buy.  


3. Last night around 8 pm I noticed the newest standard iPad was on sale for $269.99.  I immediately drove across town to a local grocery store that has a branch of my bank in it which stays open to 9pm so that I could deposit my paycheck.  This bank processes transactions early AM so my account is generally updated by 1-2 AM.  So I stay up to 2am so that I could buy said iPad but of course when I logged into my Best Buy cart they boosted the price back to $329.99.  On a Friday night when Best Buy's sale prices run Sunday to Sat night. 


These are 3 of my last 4 Best Buy purchases with 3 of them resulting in me getting jobbed in some manner or another.  The last one is at least semi-understandable.  The other two are clearly store policy driven decisions and not some random human mistake.  So congrats Best Buy, you're now as dead as Circuit City to me.  

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Re: 0-3

Hello Brb23-


Thank you for taking the time to register to our Forums and letting us know about your recent experiences at Best Buy. I am sorry to hear you've had so many difficulties making orders with our online store. We work hard to provide a quick and easy ordering process so I am disappointed to hear that hasn't been your experience. I am happy to take a look into this to see how I can assist you.


In regards to the iPad sale ending Best Buy will also run special limited promotions that do not coincide with our typical sales that begin on Sunday and end the following Saturday night. That iPad sale was a special limited time offer. 


In regards to your orders I would like to take a look into them to see if I can offer any assistance. Can you please send me a private message with the following information?


Your full name
Email address on orders
Phone number on orders
Order numbers

I look forward to hearing back from you so I can see how I can assist you.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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