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What is IFTTT?


IFTTT (If This Then That) is a free third-party web-based tool that allows users to run Applets to combine Services to automate and create new experiences. Services are the devices and apps you use daily, such as connected home devices, social media apps, email, and more.


Applets are automated actions created based on simple conditional statements to perform certain tasks when a set condition is met. Applets may combine a Service, a Trigger, an Action Service, and an Action to perform the desired task. For instance, a phone can be set to vibrate when you get to work, or if an item changes in availability on, you can receive a text message.


Applets can be set up using the IFTTT website (, or by downloading the free apps on either iOS or Android devices and creating an account.


How do I set up an Applet?


After first logging into IFTTT, you can browse the various Applets already created by other users. These can be good for inspiration of what can be done with the Applets. If you see an existing Applet you want to use, simply select it, and click “Turn on.”


Next, follow the prompts to configure the Applet to your devices and other services that are required for the Applet. If you have not previously set up a device or account in IFTTT, you may need to grant permissions to use IFTTT to be able to run the Applet.


If there isn’t an existing Applet set up to do what you want, or you want to just start from the beginning, select the My Applets option and then click New Applet to open the Applet Maker. From there select “+this” to choose a service to get started and follow along with the prompts to configure your Applet.


What devices work with IFTTT?


Many connected home and wearables devices that Best Buy sells, will work with IFTTT. Some products indicate on that they work with IFTTT, but you can search the full product listings on IFTTT’s site here.  


How does IFTTT work with Best Buy?


There are a variety of triggers that are available for Best Buy. When the conditions are met for the trigger, you will be alerted via the method you select when creating the Applet. Here are just a few examples of the triggers available:

  • Popular products on Best Buy – Fires every time the most popular list updates with new products on
  • Product price changes – Fires every time the price changes on a designated SKU
  • Product availability changes online – Fires every time a designated SKU’s availability changes online.
  • New product in category – Fires every time a new product is added to a designated product category.
  • New UPC for sale – Fires when a specific UPC that is not currently for sale on, is added for purchase.
  • New product added to wish list – Fires whenever an item is added to a designated Best Buy wish list.