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Best Buy Customer Reviews

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Best Buy Customer Reviews                     


Online shopping is making up an increased percentage of total sales in the United States, especially in the area of technology goods. It is awesome to be able to buy something from comfort of your home, and have it shipped right to you.


Despite its many positive attributes, some find that shopping online can feel like you are shopping blind and be considered risky. You may see a picture on the product listing, but how do you know that is what it will look like when you receive it? How do you know that it will do what you need? Is it a quality product? One of the best tools used to combat this concern is product reviews!



What are Product Reviews?


Consumers, just like you, who have purchased and experienced a product firsthand have the ability to leave personal feedback and ratings. This benefits other customers by helping them understand the products pros and cons better, without having to purchase or see the product in person. This information can also be used by manufacturers to help them make improvements and upgrades to their existing models.



How can I make product reviews work for me?


While using product reviews as a way to measure a product's quality or usability, it’s important to be mindful of a few things:



Number of Ratings     

A product may have a low rating, but does this mean it is a “bad” product? Not necessarily. The number of ratings on a product can have a lot to do with the accuracy of the rating provided.


For example, assume a product has a 1-Star rating, but only has 1 review completed. You would be trusting that this one reviewer is not biased and the experience was not just an unfortunate situation. Also keep in mind that every review is a personal opinion and should not represent the population as a whole.


Now let’s say this product had 500 reviews and a 5-Star rating – it’s a lot easier to trust that this product is of good quality and the previous purchasers can agree that it was worth the buy.



Read the Comments

Reviews are personal opinions and while many people can share the same opinion on a product, this is not always the case. Take a couple minutes to read the comments that were left in the reviews to find out exactly what people liked and didn’t like about the product. Just looking at star ratings may not get you a full picture of the benefits and drawbacks of a product.


Personal Experience: I purchased a dresser this month and the reviews on it were not very good. After reading the comments, it looks like many customers rated poorly because it was “difficult to assemble”. This is a personal opinion and may not matter to someone who is great with tools and building. I ended up purchasing the dresser and found it to be relatively easy to put together. I am glad I did not base my purchase off of the rating alone.



Differentiate between verified, frequent, and occasional buyers

Another great way to know if a review can be trusted is by looking at the user who posted it. All of our reviewers have the opportunity to attach their My Best Buy™ membership to show how much they shop at Best Buy and an icon like those below should be displayed near their nickname to show their status. More frequent shoppers may have more experience and be less biased in their review.




In addition, reviewers have the opportunity to verify their purchase – which tells you that they really do own the product they are reviewing. An icon like the one below will also be displayed for these reviews.






What are the benefits of attaching a My Best Buy™ membership?




You get rewarded! If you write a review, you’ll get 25 Bonus Points!

My Best Buy program members get 25 points for every review we publish when a valid My Best Buy program member number is provided, up to 8 reviews per calendar year (a total of 200 points). Please allow up to 20 days for points to appear on your account. Subject to My Best Buy Program Terms.


Also, it makes it easier to verify your purchases, which is explained below in the “How do I verify my purchase?“ section.


Interested in taking part and leaving reviews on your recent purchases? Please keep reading; we value your feedback!



How do I write a review?


  1. Locate the product you would like to review on
  2. Scroll down on the product page and select “Ratings & Reviews” from the tabs located under the product description.



  1. Click on the “Write a Review” link. 

4. Fill out the fields provided:


  • Choose a Nickname
  • Choose My Best Buy™ Tier 
    • Enter Member ID number if applicable
    • This will cause one of the icons below to be displayed next to your post.



  • Rate the Product out of 5 Stars
  • Enter Review Title and Summary
    • What did you like?
    • What did you dislike?
    • Why did you give it that rating?
  • Tell us if you would recommend this to a friend
  • Add a Photo (Optional)
  • Choose your notification options and provide your email
    • “Please send me an email when my review is posted.”
    • “Please send me an email when someone comments on my review.”
  1. Select “Preview” and review your posting as it will be displayed.
  2. Select “Submit” when you are happy with your post.
  3. Once submitted, you’ll be thanked and informed that it may take up to 72 hours to post. If you opted in for emails, you will receive notification when it’s complete.



  1. (Optional) If someone has asked any questions about the product you just reviewed, you will have the opportunity to answer them with your own personal experience.




How do I verify my purchase? Verified.PNG


You may see this little icon located on some reviews. This means that the review was posted by a Verified Purchaser and in order to get this tag, we will need to confirm that this item was purchased by you and from Best Buy. After your purchase has been received by you, you may receive an email which asks you to leave a review for your new product. By clicking on the link provided in the email, you will have verified your purchase and this badge should be present when your review is sucessfully posted.




Feedback Guidelines

When writing your review, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Focus on the product and your individual experience using it
  • Provide details about why you liked or disliked a product
  • All submitted reviews are subject to the terms set forth in our Conditions of Use

We reserve the right not to post your review if it contains any of the following types of content or violates other guidelines:

  • Obscenities, discriminatory language, or other language not suitable for a public forum
  • Advertisements, “spam” content, or references to other products, offers, or websites
  • Email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, physical addresses or other forms of contact information
  • Critical or spiteful comments on other reviews posted on the page or their authors

In addition, if you wish to share feedback with us about product selection, pricing, ordering, delivery or other customer service issues, please do not submit this feedback through a product review. Instead, contact us directly.


Enjoy writing your review!