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wrong price labels on SSD

Good evening.

I had a bad experience on Auburn Hills shop tonight. On the SSD box I seen Samsung EVO 970 plus 1 tb SSD drive with 109,99 price label. I asked from responsible person one SSD and after get that I went for payment. On the check out they informed me that price is 219.99. I insist them to check it and manager came to check. Their information is that SSD is on wrong place and it is price for Samsung evo 860 which they dont have and 970 series SSD"s are on wrong price label. As a summary they asked me if I want to buy something else because label is wrong and they cannot sell  for that price. I just take a photo that all the products are same brand and  type and they are on locked place under responsible  person control because they make you feel like you try to steal something. I asked to  buy product on price marked and it is not my mistake if they labelled wrong price. As a result I could not get product because of their mistake.