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wrong TV in box and was told its not Best Buy's problem.

My husband bought a Sony tv the other day from the Best Buy in Southaven MS. When he arrived home and tried to turn on the TV, the screen was broken. He immediately packaged it back in the box so he could return it the next day (considering we live 40 minutes away from the nearest Best Buy). When he arrived, he informed the worker that he was returning the TV because the screen was broken. The worker then proceeded to tell him that they would not refund the TV because the serial number did not match the box, accusing him that he did this which made him feel insulted. They proceeded to ask him why he set up the TV, but how could he possibly set up a tv that is broken?  The workers made my husband feel like a criminal, and that goes completely against our morals. Do they expect us to open the box and make sure the serial numbers match up before we exit the store? We assume that someone returned a used TV and workers did not do their job to make sure it was not damaged before putting it back on the shelf. We called corporate, but they said they couldn’t do anything since we bought it in store. We then tried to call customer service at the store we bought the TV from multiple times, but we were kept on hold for over an hour and no one ever answered. We have bought multiple items from this store and we are disspointed. This is completely absurd and I am extremely shocked at the way this has been handled. So now we are out $500, and I have taken this very peronally. Honestly, I don't know whats worse, losing $500 or being treated like a criminal. 

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Re: wrong TV in box and was told its not Best Buy's problem.

Hey there, tracy_ramada,

While I wish that your joining were under different circumstances, I appreciate you taking the time to connect with our team here on the Best Buy Forums and for sharing your experience with us. Getting new tech should be exciting, and it is never within our intentions for an item to arrive in a less than perfect condition or for any of our members to feel this way. I understand you have tried to receive additional support with this, and am glad that you have brought this to our attention.

While the store may be best equipped to review this further as they can examine the unit, our team would be more than happy to step in and learn more about what happened. So that we can further assist, can you please have the purchaser contact us directly from their own Forums account? Alternatively, they can also contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or by calling in at (888) BEST-BUY, which is (888) 237-8289. We hope to hear from the purchaser soon so we can further assist!

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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