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unpleasant return of purchase

I would like to discuss my expierence with a member of corporate / senior management of BestBuy that handles the Burlington NC location.


It is very unfortunate that a member of your management team would make a customer unwelcome and belittled.  The initial sales staff was very pleasant and helpful and the final meeting with the store manager was able to meet my needs, however the other manager presented a poor example of customer service, poor listening and an unhelpful demeanor. As part of my solution I had to agree to have the TV delivered.  The manager indicated that would be the only way he could approve the exchange.  When I asked about the way they would unbox and confirm the new TV was not damaged, how were they going to prevent a 75 inch TV from falling over. 


Part of the damage discussion was that you are not able to lay the TV down as it would void warranty. So I had to spend more money and it appears that when the initial purchase was returned that the terms of payment changes to 6 months instead of 24 months.


I would suggest that the the district manager view any CCTV of how my return was handled when taken for inspection, first there wsa not a proper cart to wheel the TV back intothe store.  The security person advised to use the smaller cart since he did not know where the larger cart was located.  No assistance was offered from staff to bring the TV back into the store.  Luckily I had help with me and we were able to get the box unloaded onto the cart and into the store. The box had to be sat on end as the cart was not long enough for the carton.


The item was returned due to it having a small spiderweb break and bend in the bottom of the screen. While the TV was on a cart at customer service the female clerk called for assistance to have the TV taken to the back.  A single employee came and picked the box up by himself by pushing on both sides of the carton then put it on the floor and slid it to the back room by himself.  After inspection the manager (in an orange shirt) came out of the inspection area behind customer service and indicated that it appeared that someone tried to lift the TV out of the package and thus broke the screen with their palm.  He slid the box out to me to show a break in the upper screen of the TV and accused me of damaging the item. (which was not there when it was returned).  He did not take the TV out of the packaging to even see the damage that I saw when we tried to hang the TV.  After his poor customer service and facial expressions that appeared to take pleasure in denying my request for replacement or refund he made the statement that when you decide to purchase an item and not pay for install that you are responsible for damages, I asked where that was written or indicated to which he did not have a reponse.


I requested to speak with the store manager, (orange shirt)  responded that he was the GeekSquad manager and he already made the call, I repeated my request to speak with the store manager, Orange shirt, then got on his radio and loudly asked for a manager to come to the desk to confirm that they were not going to accept the return. 


I have attempted to locate a contact number for a regional or district manager to make sure they were aware of this situation and take corrective action.  I do not have issue with the sales person on the floor at time of purchase or with the manager of the store who had to deal with me after the confrontation with the orange shirted manager.


I am availalbe to speak with a Regional or District manager. 

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Re: unpleasant return of purchase



Thanks for taking the time to reach out to our team here on the Best Buy Forums. Please feel free to explore this great public platform.


First, our Return & Exchange Promise states that items need to be returned in a like-new condition. Items that are damaged, unsanitary, dented or scratched may be denied a return. These determinations are made by the store leadership team.


While I cannot promise that any alternative outcome may be available, I’d be happy to reach out to them to advocate on your behalf. To do so, I would need you to send me a private message by clicking on the blue button in my signature below. Once there, your full name, email, phone number, and Customer Service Pin from your receipt would be required.


Regarding your request to speak with a Regional or District Manager, that is not something we’d be able to accommodate, as these are not customer facing positions.



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Re: unpleasant return of purchase

I'm kind of impressed that not only did they exchange it, but made sure that you would get an undamaged TV this time as they can properly transport it. Plus if they deliver it damaged there is no question its thier fault.