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sony ultra HD blu-ray dvd player [open box]

I bought a sony 4k player yesterday open box watched the lord of the rings return of the king blu-ray,and it stopped once or twice for a split second,and didn't think much of it but today i bought a 4k movie joker and it stopped multiple times cutting out a word at a time near the end of film it stopped more times,now my reason for posting this is i recycled the box but kept the receipt am i out $240 dollars because i tossed the box or will i still be covered for an exchange,  I Also didn't want an open box to begin with but it was all they had in the store so i took it.

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Re: sony ultra HD blu-ray dvd player [open box]

You do not need the box to perform a return, as long as you're within the return period and have the included accessories you're good.  With that said, have you checked to see if the player's firmware is up to date?  Freezing, skipping, and not loading movies are common issues that firmware updates fix.  It could also be a bad player, but I thought I'd mention it since it might save you a trip.

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