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refund for a product please help

I made a purchase on the 12 of September and I even took my computer with me because I needed help trying to look for a Chromebook Antivirus because I didn't know of a good one right. When an Employee helped me and I asked him to please give me the one that was the best to go with my computer. He gave me the webroot antivirus and he told me that was the best one to go with my Chromebook and even told me that he would trust that one for my computer so I trusted him and brought it, he also told me he had experience with that one and that one was the best for it too. He saw my computer keep that in mind. I brought it and I told the lady that was in the customer service department if there was anybody that could install it to my computer if I was already there. She told me that I needed to make an appointment and that I needed to wait for Geek squad for them to help me and I agreed and told her sure that it was fine. She gave an appointment for 2 weeks after that day that I brought it and I asked her if it was a disk or if it was a code that I needed to put on my computer. She proceeds to open it in front of my friend and me and she let me know that it was a code ( it was my first time buying an antivirus that's why I didn't know at all). Two days go by and I can't put the code in my computer and It doesn't let me enter it or even register my product so I do what's best and send a message to the Webroot company and asked for help, days go by and they send me a message every two to three days and I send them back right away or I take 2 to 3 days too. The day that I got to my Geek squad appointment he couldn't help me at all because my product and email didn't want to work and he told me to keep trying and to send another message to the webroot company in order to fix my issue and I  did. I ended up getting help from the webroot company but nothing worked until I told them that my computer didn't want to download the antivirus at all. They asked me if I had a Chromebook and I told them yes. They told me that their antivirus doesn't work for Chromebooks! So I asked for a refund and they told me I had to go to best buy to ask for a refund so I did yesterday, I went to ask for a refund and they ended up denying me a refund and even an exchange or even store credit. They didn't even listen to the point I made that It was their mistake in their part that they gave me an item that was not going to work with my computer. They also told me I couldn't return the item because one it was opened (which THEY were the ones that opened it) and two it was past the date that I could return it. But how was I even supposed to know that the antivirus didn't even work with my computer when I put my trust in them and they gave me one not compatible with my computer when THEY SAW IT IN PERSON! And now best buy won't give me a refund nor webroot. PLEASE HELP ME.