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poor customer service

I visited the Savannah, GA store yesterday.  The "gentleman" in Apple computers was rude and condescending.  I question if he was age disciminiatory or perhaps ethnicity?  Either way, he steered me a direction and went on to visit with a friend that had stopped in.  Next stop, was cell phones.  I looked around for 10" and again was never appoached by the 3 employees that were too busy also conversing to much to care about a customer.  The last straw was on the way my way out the  "greeter" at the door ask if I had gotten everything (I was carrying nothing).  I proceeded to tell him and he offered nothing to me by means of helping me, getting a manager to address my concern or to getting an employee to do their job,. not even an apology.  I left feeling discriminated against due to my age and ethnicity.  It is no wonder so many storefronts are going out of business.  If I want to a cheap price and no help I will go to Amazon or Walmart.  But to be treated like that and still pay higher prices I believe I deserve a bit of assistance?  I spoke to the manager today and he asked what he could do....I thought to myself, he is asking me?!  I suggested he might want to speak to the employees involved and offer them the door or at least, re-trained!  I won't be surprised if Best Buy ends up with a going out of business sign up....with that attitude they have nowhere to go but out.  sincerely disappointed.

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Re: poor customer service



Welcome to our community. It hasn't happened to me often, but those occasions where I visited a retailer and did not receive the assistance I needed left an indelible impression and not a very good one. We always wish you and our other customers to have a stellar experience when they visit our stores and to hear the kind of events that you've described is not pleasing. I apologize for our having disappointed you.


I was happy to hear that you were able to provide your feedback directly to a store leader as they are best suited to address such concerns, especially where our employees are concerned.


Please know I am grateful you took the time to share your thoughts here as well. Best Buy cannot hope to improve in meaningful ways without the input of our valued customers like you.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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