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only HALF my return amount REFUNDED to my bank?

so. this has been a horrible mess of blame being put on each other. i believe my bank when they tell me the over 800$! is not there problem. 2 weeks ago or so i bought a apple mac M1 it didnt work for me i returned it for store credit and bought a better computer that was 1600$ asus ROG, thats a lot for me. too much, so after a week or so i returned that one for pull price. or so i thought it was full price.. the only thing on my bank abount refunded is exactily HALF of that 1600$ best buy in store said its not them and my bank said they have nothing to do with refunds they process them as they come in and all that came in with 800 sum dollars. i wanted to come here before this got any worse because im starting to feel scammed outta over 800$ here. its been over 3 days since the return and all i see is that 800 or so refund amount. customner sevice over the phone was mind numbing. hung up on 3 seprite times for over 30mn just to be told sorry we cant help. go talk in store about it. what the heck guys? PLEASE fix this major problem. i cant afford 800+ dollars just folating around with nobody taking accountability i came here to start a paper trail so i have proof that this is a problem in case it continues to be denied by best buy. YIKES! thank you in advance for any help i can get here that fixes this huge problem. you can imagine im pretty upset about this. i can give/show any proof you need that this is indeed not on my banks side. i just hope i can find help from soneone who honestly cares.

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Re: only HALF my return amount REFUNDED to my bank?

Hello, ringxzero!

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for reaching out to us about this purchase. We endeavor to provide a seamless process of returns and exchanges. So, we want to dive deeper and research why you’re having this type of experience. There are a few ways we can begin to investigate this.  If you happen to have your receipt available, please supply us with the customer service pin located near the bottom of your receipt. Additionally, if you would please send me a private message with your full name, email, phone number so we can full access your account, it would help us greatly.


To send me a private message please click the blue button at the bottom of my post. I look forward to assisting you further.

Wesley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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