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bait and switch

Today, 12/30/21, I was mistreated at Best Buy in Tuscaloosa. after talking to their in house expert Chris, he told me all Klipsch speakers were on sale and that the following speakers would work well with the Klipsch surround sound system I had purchased a few yrs ago. I bought 2 Klipsch 620 floor speakers $349.99 each and a Klipsch r-34-c center speaker $251.99. Chris really bragged up the value. At check out the Klipsch r-34-c center speaker was not on sale. I was charged $499.99 instead of the $251.99 sale price. After complaining to a manager, manager got Chris. Chris said the r-34-cs ( there were 2 of them ) were sitting on the wrong shelf and he would make good on my purchase. After a few tries on the computer, Chris could not honor the $251.99 price. I cancelled my purchase and got my money back on my credit card. Chris did not like this and became very rude. I complained to the store manager on the way out, she was no help at all, accused me of moving the product around on the shelves !!! What a joke this place is---bait and switch at its best !!!