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bait and switch???

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I am very disappointed with my family's recent experience at Best Buy.  I was told by multiple staff members at the store that they had in stock the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S9 phone for Verizon (the gold one at $16/month).  But after we had spent 1.5 hours going through the process of transferring our lines from Sprint to Verizon, then we were suddenly told at the last minute they only had the blue phone in stock, and it costs $20/month.  That's $8 more per month because we got two of these Galaxy S9's!  What a frustrating disappointment.  This will end up costing us $200 over the next couple years; an avoidable and regrettable outcome to our shopping experience.

On the evening of December 22nd, we ate dinner next to our local neighborhood Best Buy store (Perimeter store in Atlanta).  But I checked before we walked over there and it said the gold phone was only available at another store in town (Buckhead).  We preferred to shop at our local store, which we normally go to, but we started working on Plan B to drive to Buckhead to go get it done there, as it was only 15 minutes away.  But we thought, "let's just walk over really quick to this store since we're already here, and ask them in person.  Sometimes the website can be wrong."

I walked in and the first question I asked was whether the cheapest phone was in stock.  A man at the computer, in the phone department, looked it up in inventory and said, "yes actually it is in stock; I guess the website is not up to date."  He referred me to another staff member, "the Samsung guy" as everyone called him, and he said he had all the colors in stock, and that in fact they were ALL the same price.  Well I believed what these staff members said because, after all, they are the boots on the ground and do this every day so they should know what they're talking about.  My wife also wanted the purple Note9, and they told us all the colors of that model were in stock too--we came to find that wasn't even true, though it's not as big a deal because all the colors were the same price for that model.

Imagine our shock after we had been sitting there going through the transfer process for 1.5 hours to find that we had been given bad information!  (It took a lot of time because we had to transfer each line one-by-one from our individual plans, and the woman doing the transfer had to multitask a lot with other customers, which delayed the whole thing--we ended up spending 3 hours at the store, which is extreme but we understood the situation.)  At that point they said "oh the gold one is the only one that's $16/month and that's not in stock."  What???  Why was I just being told that at that point?  Why did I get bad information from three different staff members?  "Is this a bait and switch?" I asked myself.  In shock, my wife and took 10 minutes to walk outside, talk about the matter, and regroup; we decided, at that point, we were already committed to the whole thing and had spent considerable time at this store already.  Besides, they told us the $16/month deal was ending that day, and we were close to closing time by that point so driving to another store wasn't an option.  We made the best decision we could at the moment, to proceed, though it felt very bitter.

As I said, I was very disappointed at how this turned out.  It is going to cost my family an additional $8/month over the next 24 months--that is $200 extra over that time.  After meticulously shopping around to get the best deal, and trying Best Buy "just to see" only to be so excited we were gonna get the best deal there AND get the best protection plan on the phones, this is a huge shock.  I also personally wanted the gold phone, but settled for the blue one.  I am so very disappointed and frustrated with Best Buy.  It certainly doesn't give me confidence in future shopping experiences with your company, even though we had always had good experiences in the past, when shopping at the Perimeter store and online.

I don't know if the staff members intentionally did this.  But what my family experienced certainly felt like a bait and switch.  This bad information will end up costing my family $200 over the next two years.  I would expect that an organization with Best Buy's reputation for customer service would be willing to do something about this situation.  I expect to hear from you soon.
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Re: bait and switch???

Can I get a response on this please?
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Re: bait and switch???

Hello there JimiBonham-


We certainly want our customer’s fully satisfied with the purchases, and contracts, that are made through Best Buy, which is why I was wanting to take a closer look into this for you.  Thank you for joining the community, here on the Best Buy forums, and I’m excited to work with you to learn more about the promotion you’re speaking about.


Now that the contracts have been signed, and the phones are more than likely in use as we speak, I do not believe I’ll have many options available to change the contract that was agreed upon between you and your phone carrier company.  That said, I’m looking forward to receiving a private message so that I can gather the necessary information to dive deeper!


Click the blue, “Private Message”, button in my signature line below to send me the purchase details.  Your full name, phone number, email address, and customer service PIN would be all I need to get started.  Hope to hear from you soon!

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