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bad service, treats you like a fool

I came into the store today to return something (with a receipt), to save time and not have to wait in line twice for and exchange and then the register for other purchase I asked for it to be put on a merch. credit. Went to get what i wanted from the sales floor, sold out ( not surprised since it was just black Friday) so got my refill card for my phone and went to pay. The cashier looks at me and says "you're buying a gift card with a gift card? you can't do that" and looks at me like im stealing or doing something wrong. He made me feel like udder crap, when I didn't know you couldn't do that. All i was doing was saving me time and wanted to keep the money I originally spent in the store. So now I'm out the $20 round trip uber ride and nothing to show for it, plus the extra 1/2 hour lunch I took to come to this store. I use to like coming to this store but never again.


Store #198   Tucson, AZ