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bad customer service, not trained to deal with online orders for phones

I had a terrible experience, I ordered a phone online and answer yes to the question about me having a trade in, when I got to the store the really bad customer service guy first did nt know what to do and then he said that we had a balance on our old phone which had been paid for over a year I said I did not have a balance and the balance shown was for the new phone the I had just purscharsed, he said he could not give me the phone I just bought and that I had to call my phone service to have that cleared, he left called a manager that had no idea how to deal with mobile services and they denied to give me the new phone and sent me away to my service company, never offered to called the company to verify that I had no balance on the old phone and that it was ok to give me the new phone and activate it because the agreement was made onile earlier. 2 days later they just cancelled my order even when the phone company told them I had no balance on that and that the new agrement had been made, so the order was canceled, the phone company took 24 hours to clear the agreement that had been made and by then the deal I was trying to get at best buy was gone. I think a good customer representative should do his job and look for a way to solve and help a customer, he did nothing but leave saying he didn't want to argue with me, I was not arguing but I was teling him that I had no balance on the old phone and that the balance was for the new phone. at no point disrespect him.

I ended up with no phone due to incompetence of mobile services representative and ofcourse the manager that clearly told me that he had no idea on what to do in mobile services, he knew nothing about that area. 

POlease do not offer a service online that your workers will not know how to deal wilth once you go to the store. They are not trained to help customers and understand your system.


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Re: bad customer service, not trained to deal with online orders for phones

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Hello, lauwol,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. I'm sorry that it was such a bad experience that brought you to us. We want buying a new phone to be as easy as possible, and we fell short here. Our goal is to integrate online purchases and store visits, so your feedback is very helpful.


I'd like to follow up with that store to make sure that they are providing better service going forward. Please send along a private message through the link in my signature with your name, email address, and phone number. The order number will help, as well.



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