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Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Edition Complaint

Like everyone else who is upset with Best Buy's complete and total lack of customer service....


Waited until after midnight for the website to update from "Coming Soon" to "In Store Only".


Woke up and drove to the store prior to opening and was met with a line of 5 people.  (Thinking well ill be able to get one now).


Eventually some yahoo who I assume is a manager comes out and asks if everyone in line is waiting for the new Halo Xbox........No Sir - we are here waiting for ice cream (where do you find these rocket scienents that you call emlployees?)


He then proceeds to tell us that East Madison did not receive any and that they all went to the West Side which opened 2 hours early and immediately sold out.


Im sorry, what?  He then proceeds to tell us that it said so online.  Which it did not.  It simply switched from In Store Only to "Not Available at this location" which is what it always goes to when something is SOLD OUT.


Whoever is in charge of marketing and inventory should be fired for being a moron.  This lack of customer service is unacceptable.