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Worst store in the company

Good evening
I wanted to follow up with my experience I. You store tonite.

To start a couple of days ago I purchased a Amazon Fire tv cube from your store, when I say it on you your end cap in the home theater department I asked one of your employees to help me since I wanted to purchase it. While you employee was explaining the device to me, he let me know that their is a promotion if I bring in my old streaming device I would receive 20% off the cube. I let him know I have a google nexus and a Apple TV at home I am replacing. Then I asked him if I bring it in can I get the 20% off. He said “yes”.

So today I brought in both devices. I walked to the self and picked up another cube walked over to customer service. I walked up to the counter and met Philip since their was no line. I explained my situation to Philip, very simply that I am bringing my two old streaming devices and buying two new ones, also that their is a 20% off promotion.

He asked me is it a trade in or recycle, I let him know that I have no idea but it is a promotion. He let me know that he needs to check his computer since he’s never heard of such thing.
After 15min I asked him do you want me just to go get the tag. He said no, but after 5 more minutes I did anyways. Once I brought him the tag he let me know it’s a home theater issue and he would need to contact someone from that department. A gentleman came over eating some candies and asked Philip what’s going on.
Philip should him the tag and the other employee read it.
Philip asked the employee what is he suppose to do, the employee said he had no idea. Phillip then explained to him that he can recycle the Apple TV in the system but can’t find the other device.
Then Philip explained to him that he can do the Apple TV for $50 which is more then 20%.
But didn’t know what to do.

So the home theater employee left to go talk to someone. 8min later he comes back and let Philip know just to them both as Apple TVs.
Philip said I’m no putting my number on that (I’m guessing he means employee number), the other employee stayed “you wanted me to find a solution and I did”. So after they are going back and fourth they finally decide to get the manager Seth or Zeth.

He walks up and they explain the situation to him, he states he doesn’t know. Philip said well I found this on dot com and it states something different front the tag “just says google
and Apple TV”. Then Philip said if you do the math it’s a 2 dollar difference, the manager let him know just take the $2 off.

Finally we were done, so I thought as I pull out my Best Buy card to pay. I asked ok how are we doing this do you refund and buy back or what do I need to do. Philip said no we are only doing one. So I asked why he stated the recycle system won’t take the other streaming device. So I said wait I’ve been here for a hour now, and explained to the manager (who never introduced himself or said one word to me) that his employee told be to bring these in and the other employee verified it. The manager said he can’t just make stuff up, I let him know here is the tag it’s clear. The manager stated “I can fix the tag, but can’t do anything else”.
So for the 4th time I asked is there anything more you can do.
He said no and walked away, so I left to contact bestbuy Corp. Since I have been a loyal customer for years.
But walking to my car I realized the Best Buy galleria is closing and I need the device.

So I walked back in to get it off the shelf, and it wasn’t there. I turned to my left and the manager was talking to an employee buy the google display so I asked about the cube. And they said their out. Not believing someone just bought the last one is 3min I walked back to customer service to speak to Philip and ask him where is the cube. He stated he gave it to the home theater guy, I walked back the amazon display wasn’t there. So I walked doing the isles to realized it was just put on the shelf in a random spot with no tag.

I can not believe this is the type of people that work for that store, years never had a issue. But maybe because I look young or am Hispanic it is ok for Seth or Zeth and Philip to treat me any way they please.

I would like a call back from the general manager

Thank you
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Re: Worst store in the company

Hello, Jv0358,


Welcome to our Best Buy Support Forum! Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us regarding your visit to one of our stores this weekend. The Fire TV Cube isn't exactly a small purchase, so I can understand wanting to take advantage of any offers available to get the best deal available. From what you described, this didn't quite go as smoothly as we would expect it to. 


I see that we currently have the offer to save 20% on select Amazon Fire TV devices with the recycling of previous generations of other select streaming devices. The details on this can be found here. I understand you were attempting to recycle two devices, one of which appears to be one of the qualifying devices, but per the terms, only one 20% coupon would have been provided even if both devices were qualified. 


I'd like to be sure that your experience is shared with the management at the store you visited, so that they can ensure their employees are properly trained with the handling of this promotion and any coaching is provided regarding your specific visit, as needed. Can you please send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and the details of what store you visited and the approximate dates and times of the visits? To send me a private message, you can simply click the private message button in my signature below. 


I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Melissa|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Worst store in the company

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