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Worst purchase experience I've ever had

I'm doing this here because this isn't just about a single store, but the store, the website, and CS in general.



I ordered the LG 34 in curved ultrawide on the 11th. Pretty late at night, but ok, I figured 4 days (12th to 16th) would be enough to ship it from their warehouse to their store for pickup. I WAS WRONG.



The 16th comes by, order is naturally delayed. Okay, maybe it's delayed by a day. 17th, still delayed. So I call customer support (Larry), he's like "yeah, it's delayed, expect it Monday or Tuesday." Monday (18th) rolls by, Tuesday (19th) rolls by with no update on my order status. So I contact CS again using the website (Daniel) - he keeps regurgitating the same information that can be easily obtained by checking the order status. Like I know it's delayed, I'm wondering when it's showing up because there's been no new information for 4 days. So I press Daniel for more information. He manages to obtain the tracking information for the monitor from the warehouse to the store. Turns out it's going from Aliso Viejo, CA to Costa Mesa, CA - a distance of 15 miles!!! 7 days for 15 miles!!! To add more insult, the item DIDN'T EVEN SHIP UNTIL THE 19TH, 3 DAYS AFTER THE ORIGINAL PICK UP DATE. At this point, I'm mad. It's been sitting at the warehouse for a WEEK. There's nothing I can do about the lost time but I mention the monitor just sitting there to Daniel and he gives me an additional 10% off.


So it gets delivered to the store on the 19th, because you know, 15 miles isn't that far. BUT, the order status doesn't get updated. I wait the rest of that day, I wait past opening time on the 20th, I wait until noon, but it still says delayed. So I make a gamble, I go to the store and contact CS in person. Turns out it's in the unprocessed received pile because you know, they don't process deliveries in the evening, or the morning after, or later. I fully expect that if I didn't show up and contact them, it'd still be delayed. Now after I talk to them about the monitor (showing them the UPS tracking I obtained from Daniel) they head to the back and guess what? IT'S THERE. They mention it has to be processed, will take 5-10 minutes so I say ok. I wait 30 MINUTES, but no one comes back to CS, so I'm just standing there like an idiot waiting and again I just take a gamble that it's ready for pickup, but then there's no one at the pickup counter. So I wait again for a few minutes, finally a cashier notices and goes and scans my barcode and then shuffles off the back because of course they didn't bring it up front. I finally get my order, 4 days and 3 CS interactions later where I have to repeatedly dig for information.



In summary, this is the worst CS I've ever experienced. I've even had an amazon order that went from California to Dallas to HAWAII then back to Dallas then to my place and it wasn't as bad as this. WHY? Because I could track what was happening instead of having to extract the information from a CS agent.

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Re: Worst purchase experience I've ever had

Hi, BKO,


Thanks for joining our community. These forums you find lots of helpful information from our friendly members and staff. 


I completely understand why you would upset your buying experience. Never best feeling not getting straight forward answers on why your order is delayed. To further discuss this matter please private message, by pressing the blue button bottom right corner. Please provide the following:


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