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Worst Customer service

Absolutely worst experience buying experience in greenwood store.

I bought my refrigerator here in October 2018 as I got a very good deal on a Samsung product, at the time of buying I clearly mentioned them I need by end of Jan and asked them if they can actually hold it until then, the sales guy told me that they don’t have any problem and promised that I will get it for sure, he also mentioned that generally they get clearance products to their local warehouse and save it until the day of delivery ( for this I decided to buy), keeping that in mind I did not bother looking else where during November and December ( months with the best deals), I went to them in Jan and confirmed my delivery address and moving date, they said everything is fine and I can expect it ontime, all is well up to here.

At 10pm on the day before delivery they called me and said refrigerator is not available, they asked me to come to store and pick other one or the next model that replaced and also told they will be able to price match, when i went to the store in the morning they told they can’t price match as I got that in a deal and said I should pay more to get a similar one. I asked them if they can at least give me similar deals that were there back in November/ December as I will end up paying more, it is like I end up paying more for their mistake, even after discussing with manager and customer care they just told they can’t give anything, and the worst part is now they are arguing that they don’t get those to their local ware house and telling me it’s no ones fault( completely opposite to what was told to me when I was buying)

I closed my day on the day before, imagine happening this, they didn’t care and they asked me start shopping again, I lost all the great deals that I could have gotten from other providers, a day after my closing I am starting to shop again and need to end up paying more because of this people mistake.. these are the people who promised me to get this when I was buying ...they dont care about customer satisfaction / experience or anything that they say while we buy is all lies...

I spoke to other Best Buy stores after this, they told that they normally get the appliances to there local ware houses if the item is bought and if it is being stopped by manufacturer ( again this matches to what I was told when I was buying) ... seems like people in this store didn’t do their job and somehow I ended up paying for that... so stay away from this store ( fraud)

I am writing this so that people can know about this and don’t fall into this people trap and also see if anyone from Best Buy corporate can actually help me and correct their mistake.

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Re: Worst Customer service

Good afternoon, kanakamadala23,


Thanks for registering with the Best Buy forums to let us know about your shopping experience!  Knowing we’re working together with this, already on Facebook, please continue to work with me through that channel. 


I’m hoping to hear back from the store soon!

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