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Worst Customer Support Service

My mother bought me the game “Gotham Knights” for my Xbox as a Christmas gift. On Christmas Day I opened the gift and put the game in my XBox. Unfortunately, the game did not work due to the game only being compatible with the Xbox series X, which is a version I do not have. As per the Best Buy website and exchange policy, they Aren’t able to return opened games but you can exchange them (in case people bought the wrong version). We also have until January 31st to return or exchange gifts as once again, store policy is any gift purchased between Oct 24- Dec 24 can be returned until Jan. 31 2023.

When I went into the store on Dec 26 to exchange the game, every member of the Best Buy there told me I could not even exchange it and to take it to GameStop and see how much money I’d get for it. I took it to GameStop and to sell it and buy the version I’d need, it would cost me another $70. I went home and called Best Buy’s customer service. While her I got transferred three time through different departments. Through a total of 2 hours, I finally reached someone who told my mother (she was on the call too) to return it in the store. She sent my mom a shipping label and told us that the people in the store will return it and exchange the game for the right version. My mom went a few days later (Jan. 2) and the people there were awful to her. They told her that the can’t do that, that the people from customer support were wrong. They belittled her took her phone from her hand and told her she can’t read, as in the email the women from customer service sent us said to ship it yourself (opposite of what we were told to do). I tried to contact a supervisor on the phone but after spending FOUR hours being transferred back and forth no one helped me. I kept asking to speak to someone, anyone who was a supervisor from corporation but no one did. They kept telling me they couldn’t. I got hung up on 4 times! Once a woman told me to hold for 1-2 minutes as she had to gather her “resources.” 20 minutes later someone else asked me “what’s your name and number” as she had actually just transferred me. I’m tired of this. Both me and my mom have been treated horribly. We can’t get in contact with anyone and no one knows what they are doing.
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Re: Worst Customer Support Service

It sounds like you did not have a good experience Smiley Sad


As you may already know games are now labeled differently since XBOX One still has support and Series X has a disk drive. Some games are hybrid where XBOX One and Series X are on the same disk while Series X only has one version of the game on the disk. 


I am assuming you have an XBOX One as you cant use disks on Series S. 


If there is an XBOX One version of the game as a seperate SKU and an XBOX Series X as another these would be treated as 2 different games which would mean they are not like items and cannot be exchanged for a different platform.


Going to the store would result in getting another copy of the Series X version of the game. 

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