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Worst Customer Service Experience Ever (Best Buy Coupon Not Working) Kindly Help Team !

Hello Team , I have recently applied for your Best buy credit card and was issued a 10% coupon. Using that coupon I purchaed a Camera worth moth then $3000 (SKU:6298174) . However after I purchased the camera, I've noticed that the person who helped me checkout forgot to include the $99 Canon - EF-EOS R and EOS RP free Lens Mount Adapter. After asking him about the same he told that he was sorry that he forgot to include the adapter and the customer serivce in the frontdesk could help me fix the issue ( he even wront the same on the original receipt before sending me over to the frontdesk customer service) . I walked up to the customer service and showed them that the agent forgot to include the adapter and he has even hand written the same on the receipt. After checking the details the frontdesk informed me that they cant help me as if they try to do a return I would loose my 10% coupon and asked me to contact the customer care number so that they could fix the issue. I later called the customer care the same day and they informed that as the order was made in store they cant help me as they are not responsible for instore purchases. I went back and said the same in store and they said that they cant help either as its the phone customer support who could ammend the order. I was so much frustrated and called the customer care center and keeping them on hold asked the instore customer care person to talk to them and he clearly refused to talk to them and asked them to call him on his extention. When we called him on his extention he never answered the call. I later called the customer service and recorded their call with their permission so that I could get the person instore to listen to the call however no one heard my consern and keep giving me excuses. at the end I had to return the item as it was not about a $99 free adapter but the main reason for me returning the product was because of such a poor customer service. I have been a BestBuy customer for long and never ever had been so much disappointed with the service that I have been provided but this time its completly unacceptable !. Now I would liek to make another transcation however I'm left out with a coupon that no longer works only becasue of the mistake made by one of your representative. Hope atleast someopne from your team would be able to help me out solve this issue please as I have completly lost hopes on the other two forms of support. Thank you so much and awaiting for your kiond response. 

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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever (Best Buy Coupon Not Working) Kindly Help Team !

Hello, aman_ab,


Welcome to our community forums. I know if I were going to make sure a large purchase I would want to make sure I used a coupon and received all of the items included in the bundle. Once coupons have been used we are unable to reissue them, even if that purchase has been returned or cancelled. With that said I would be glad to see if we may have any options available to assist you. Can you please send me a private message so I can review your My Best Buy account? I will need to verify your:


Full name
Email address

Phone number


You can send me a private message by clicking blue button at the bottom of this post. I look forward to digging in to this for you.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience Ever (Best Buy Coupon Not Working) Kindly Help Team !

Hello Andrew,


Thank you so much for your response. I totally agree that when an item is returned by the customer a coupon cant be reissued however the main reason for me to return the item that I purchased was bcause of your team's mistake and as I said I have all the necesseary proofs with me them agreeing that it was a clear mistake on their end. This is literally a process disconnect between your team.  As well as customers are always asked during ever purchase if we would like to  apply for your credit card and are being marketed about these 10% coupons or offers that we would be eligible if we buy things using your credit cards however when we purchase an item and if there is a mistake from your team there is no process around where we could get this fixed or corrected which is very wrong when you think from the cutomer prospective. Anyways I have sent across a private mnessage across to you and would hope you guys could fix this problem as I dont know what are my options here to sort our my conserns. 


Thank you,