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Worse experience of my life


I will start and say I have always loved best-buy and been going since I was a child. Best Buy has always been a safe place and wonderful escape for me. I have passionately supported your company throughout my life, and always willing to pay more at your store because of your service. I sent an email to the store to no answer.

I came in the other day to return an item I ordered 2 of by mistake. As I do anytime I am in your store, I looked around. I decided to buy the roombas you have as I have wanted one for about 10 years and decided to pull the trigger. After dealing with a credit card issue(my issue) and purchasing it, I proceeded to leave. Your security when Im outside your store, grabbed me, took the box, I showed him my reciept, he said I stole another one and came back and grabbed this one. That would be impossible but anyways. He took me back to the checkout where he hassled me, embarrassed me, made me shake I was so upset, I have never been treated like that before. They showed him the receipt, he still did not believe me. I was right at checkout. Wing stared at by all the customers and employees. He proceeded to say I am calling him stupid cause he knows I stole it. He would not give me the item I purchased and held me there even after proving my innocence. He put his hands on me, took the items from me, did not believe me, and treated me awfully. He went to my car and searched my car before he gave me the item THAT I PURCHASED.

I am shaking still while I write this. I thought if I went home and relaxed, and thought about hey he was trying to do his job… but he never apologized, and even after he gave me back the item still seemed he did not believe.

I do not know if I feel comfortable walking in your store anymore, or if I can purchase anything again from you all. I’m very distraught and shaky in the idea of someone thinking I stole something. I work hard for my money and proud. I had a smile walking out your store finally purchasing something I wanted for a while to not even wanting to open it. I do not know how to even return this as I am scared to walk in your store.

I want to let you know of this situation and how your store has made me feel. Do not think your customers deserve to be put in that situation.
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Re: Worse experience of my life

Hello, Aa7844.

Thank you for registering to engage with us in our Community Forums. While we understand that it was to inform us of an unpleasant experience at one of our stores, we do want to express our welcome.


I can only imagine how you must have felt and we empathize with you regarding what you endured. This was far from the type of experience we wanted for you, and we will make every effort to investigate and make this right.  However, to be as effective as possible, we’d like your help. We are documenting the details that you shared with us here at our corporate offices, but we would ask that you share your name, phone and email along with other pertinent information such as the date, approximate time of your visit, and if a manager was notified of your experience while you were there at the store.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Wesley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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