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Wireless Floodlight Ring Pro Defective

I have been trying to troubleshoot my floodlight that I had purchase 2 months ago but installed a few weeks ago. When it connects to the internet there is always a static sound. Ring help was useless. I purchased from Best Buy and want to exchange. I am having an issue trying to return because they say it is out of warranty. All other stores that I deal with have always taken back a product with or without a receipt. This is horrible customer service to refuse especially in these times.
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Re: Wireless Floodlight Ring Pro Defective

Hello, jraspler,


Thanks for joining us here on the community forums. Although, I wish it were under better circumstances. Not being able to return a purchase is never a great experience. Your device should have a one-year manufactures warranty. If it is defective, they should be able to either repair or replace the item. As for returning to Best Buy, we do have a 15-day return policy but if the item is defective we might be able to return under manufactures warranty. For more information click here.



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