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Will BB ever reopen stores again to the general public !

As a frustrated customer due to customer service issues over the past several months, I think it would be very good for BB corporate to issues a letter or make an announcement as to IF or WHEN they plan to open stores without having to go through the appointment/consult process. I live in an area where all retail is now open except BB. I just listened to the Fortune interview with Corrie Barry and it does not sound encouraging that stores will ever reopen, even with social distancing.  I certainly hope she is listening to the great number of service complaints and dissatisfaction that is being logged on all the various Support Forums. 

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Re: Will BB ever reopen stores again to the general public !

Best Buy only opens in accordance with safety and public health guidelines. In some locales they have been limiting a small amount of customers in their stores, appointment wise or general public. 


Unless they get the full blessing of the health advisor of X county, expect stores to be closed to the public or very limited for the forseeable future. 


Also as COVID 19 is still a serious issue, employees have the choice of staying home or going into work. Limited staff may affect open store availibility and other resources needed to manpower a store. 


Fast in store pickup and generally quick and free delivery options continue to be available to everyone.


These forums are a great place to express customer disstisfaction in a respectable manner, within the terms of the conditions of the forums. However your statement about upset customers is just a small portion of how customers cannot be satisfied. Other companies face these issues too, it's all part of the medium it operates on. Not everyone will be happy but with great customer service and online customer social media platforms as this, the level of satisfaction can increase. 

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Oh Why Did It Have To Be This Way????

I gotta tell ya. I have been a loyal Bestbuy customer for as long as the store in Hickory NC has stood. I cannot begin to tell how my home is inundated with Bestbuy products. From appliances like my washer & dryer, dishwasher, and even some of my cooking appliances. Virtually every electronic device in my home was purchased from Bestbuy from my tablets, 65´ flat screen, laptop, printer, and even the paper that is in it. Not to mention all the other gadgets I have purchased. But folks, today was my last visit to my beloved Bestbuy. I own rental properties and one of my tenants up and ran off with a couple of my window AC units. So naturally, I´m off to Bestbuy to replace them when I am met at the door by an associate, who in a matter of fact tone in her voice, tells me I cannot enter without an appointment. It took me a moment to process what I had just heard and then I cracked up with laughter. She offered to make me one but I found the concept so ridiculous I replied ¨Nah, that´s ok and returned my vehicle.


Sadly, this vexed me. After all the years of purchases. Now I know some are going to say ¨Safety first due to COVID 19 and I get that, but I do not need an appointment to enter Walmart, my local grocery stores, or the numerous restaurants I visit regularly. I am not required to make an appointment at any of the varies services stations, Home Depot, or Lowes Hardware.


Certainly, if all these institutions can manage their store and customer service safely then by god so should Bestbuy be able to. It appears our relationship is over for I will never step foot in a Bestbuy again.


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Re: Will BB ever reopen stores again to the general public !

Just opening and letting people stand less than 6ft apart is not managing it. I had the displeasure of needing to visit 2 of the stores on your list and it’s not surprising based on the lack of social distancing that my state has more than doubled its number of cases since “reopening”.

Some Best Buy stores are already reopening without appointments, those stores are located in areas not hard hit with COVID-19. If your local stores has not done so yet, they will when it is safe to do so.
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Re: Will BB ever reopen stores again to the general public !

I agree!  Best Buy is the only retail holdout in Colorado.  All the rest of the retailers are open for business.  Please get with the times and open up.  Social distancing is plenty of caution... we do not need to close stores any more, at least in areas where the covid-19 is not bad (which is most of the country).  Let people who are worried stay at home and be extreme-cautious.