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Why would you sell me something that is defective!!!!

I guess we will start back in Decemeber. 


My Grandmother in-law loves to upgrade my spouse (and their families phones) around Christmas time every year.On December 24th 2017, We went into best buy, and had 3 of 4 lines upgrades to the Samsung S8, Each phone also recieved a Zagg shield. Not even 2 months later, ALL 3 shields had fallen off the phones. 2 MONTHS, we paid $50 PER shield for each to fall off in 2 months!


We go back to the Best buy (On rainbow and Lakemead - Best of the west center las vegas) and spoke with Manager Jon.


First he tells us  that best buy has a 4 DAY policy for shields. FOUR DAYS! and anything after that would have to be taken to Zagg. Fine I get it, Not your product, made by a different company, we will contact them! 


He then proceeds to tell me that "This is a known issue with these Zagg shields, The reason that they have a problem is because there is only adhesive on the edges, which make it come up easier, When you contact Zagg, make sure you tell them you want the replacement that covers the whole screen with adhesive not the ones that are just the edges". So not only is best buy PUSHING these screens, they are doing so knowing they are defective and most likely will fall off. I asked the Manager why they are having their agents sell defective products, but my question was ignored with "Contact Zagg for your replacements" 


Okay, John, I get that. And I will, But what about the $8 per phone that you CHARGED  to place these protectors on "correctly" , Oh no, you can't refund us for the service of shields that you pushed us to buy to make sure are screen was protected. 


So let's do some math

3 Phone Shields at $49.99 Each (Before tax) 

3 Phone shield "Instal fee's" $8.00 Each


So, So far we have spend $173.97 on Shields, and  instal fees. 

For product that didnt work. 


Oh, does it get even better!  Because I'm not done yet! 


Now, Grandma decided for my birthday, We would go ahead and add me to the plan, and get me a nice upgraded phone! This was done this past Sunday 03.04.18, When we went into Best buy and I wanted an s8 just like everyone else. They didnt have any good deals on the S8 anymore, so I got the Note 8 ! Once the questions came about wanting a shield, I asked for the shield that fully covers the screen in adhesive. Today when I woke up for work, Guess what, The shield had slid almost all the way off, just from sitting there on the charger! 4 days after purchase. 

Guess what best buy told me when I called in today, "You have to go through Zagg to get your replacement"

And the best part, I was not given the shield I asked for, My shield only has adhesive on the edges.


So lets do some more math .

We have already spend $173.97 on shields and fees

Now lets add mine. Another $49.99 and $8 Instal fee.

We are now at $231.96 spend on shields and Instal fees at best buy. 

This doesnt include the $40 Zagg is charging us to send replacements ($10 per phone for shipping).


Again, I ask why are best Buy agents pushing products that they know are defective (Per manager Jon)

Why is a manager telling me I have 4 days to bring in any issues with the product, and even when I do Im reffered to the zagg company. Obviously your agents are not placing these items on correctly if mine fell off freely in 4 days. 



Im dont with this back and forth, it is horrible that I have to write on a public forum to speak with an agent online. 

I dont plan on wasting hours of my time on hold calling into the best buy customer service number. I work during your business hours, I dont have time for that. 







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Re: Why would you sell me something that is defective!!!!

Well since Im not able to edit my post.

I would like something done about this.
Spending almost $300 on products that didnt even work.

For a customer who has a Best Buy Credit card, that shops frequently at the stores, you would think the customer service would be a bit better than this.
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Re: Why would you sell me something that is defective!!!!

And to be frank, I DO NOT WANT AN EXPLANATION OF WHY I NEED TO CONTACT ZAGG. I understand that the product belongs to them, But best buy agents are still pushing this product for customers to buy knowing they are defective.
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Re: Why would you sell me something that is defective!!!!

Hello Chibisaurus,


Welcome to our Community. At one time or another, I think everyone has had to cope with a product that has developed a fault soon after purchase. I know I have and it has been very frustrating and disappointing each and every time. I was discouraged to hear of the issues you've encountered with Zagg products and I certainly understand your concerns. I apologize for your having been disappointed by these purchases.


As a matter of practice, our store associates and managers should be making the best recommendations possible of the products we sell that may best fill our customers' needs. I am at a loss to explain Jon's remarks regarding the "known issue" with this particular shield, or to the four-day return period that he mentioned. I am very sorry for any conflicting or incorrect information that you may have been provided during your interaction.


For defective Zagg Shields, we must refer our customers to Zagg for a replacement. Since you purchased installation through Geek Squad, they should be able to assist you with installing the new shield once you've received it from Zagg. You can schedule an appointment by visiting We're Here to Help and selecting "Make a Reservation" under "Getting Help is Easy."


Please know I am grateful for your feedback on this experience. Best Buy cannot hope to improve in meaningful ways without the input of our valued customers.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Why would you sell me something that is defective!!!!

Why would I have geek squad add my shield?
So they can charge me more money ?