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Why shop in stores if customer service is this bad?

After spending 800 on a new Lenovo at store 584 in Pittsburgh PA for my wife to use for work, the screen began to encounter a flickering issue after a week of use. It's a common issue with the yoga as can be seen by a Google search as there are several reviews and reddit threads dedicated to the issue.

However, when I attempted to even exchange for a working one, I first got a runaround about being past 30 days of purchase (It was bought as a mother's day gift). When I pointed this out there was suddenly imagined physical damage and the manager refused to take the exchange.

Sure, I can send this to Lenovo under warranty as an RMA and get the issue addressed, but that isn't the point. I am an elite member, spend literally thousands of dollars a year at best buy and was a loyal customer because I feel box stores have a place that is needed. The question now is why? If this was an Amazon purchase they would accept it back and send a quick replacement. But not Best Buy. It's a shame really, but telling of why shopping in stores is a thing that will die sooner than later. With customer service like this, why bother. I'm horribly disappointed in this store and Best Buy in general.

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Re: Why shop in stores if customer service is this bad?

While you had a problem , Best Buy does have the return policy that applies to all customers and does not factor in exceptions. These are to be made by the local store. However if you asked for a manager and their word was that, this matter would be final and no extra exceptions can be made.


However Geek Squad is more than happy to take a look at it and perhaps help you get the items sent out to the manufacturer under warranty to get this resolved.



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Re: Why shop in stores if customer service is this bad?

And that reply is the reason retail stores are dying.

I don't need geek squad to do an RMA for me, and likely overcharge me while doing it.

Loyal customers are what keeps Mr local store Manger with enough money to keep the lights on. Bad service means I'll just buy online and encourage all who ask my advice as a long time computer expert to do the same.

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Re: Why shop in stores if customer service is this bad?

Yoga's are about as durable as wet toilet paper, we switched to surfaces at work. Were you past the 30 days or not? I want quite sure by your post.
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Re: Why shop in stores if customer service is this bad?

Hi there, C0untzer09!


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Forums! 


I understand you have some concerns regarding your ability to return a computer that you recently purchased from us. If you are a My Best Buy Elite member, I do hope that you can understand how much we appreciate your loyalty to Best Buy. With that being said, hockeycanuckjc offers some great advice, in that our Return & Exchange Promise applies to all of our customers and we generally cannot make exceptions to our policies. Any decision to accept a return or exchange outside of our Return & Exchange Promise would be at the discretion of a local store manager.


Also, just as hockeycanuckjc had mentioned, we would be happy to take a look at the computer and see if this is something we can send out to the manufacturer for you under the computer's manufacturer warranty. To get help with this, please visit our website and schedule an in-store appointment with Geek Squad. 


Hope this helps! 



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