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Why is it so hard to give you people my money?

Elite plus member here. 


I went into my local BB this afternoon and wanted to buy 2 iphone 8s. I was told company policy is that I can only buy one. First, any policy you people have that prevents someone from giving you money for an item needs to be scrapped. Just find one employee with common sense (you will probably have to exclude the management team) and have him/her look through all company policies. Any that prevent money in exchange for a good or service should marked through the the strongest smelling marker available.


Later, I stopped at another BB that just happened to be on my way home. I was then told that they sold the last Iphone 8s about 20 minutes. I stopped at Verizon and bought the extra phone and have yet to decide if I will be keeping the one I got from BB or just return it.


Please get rid all stupid policies.

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Re: Why is it so hard to give you people my money?

Hello, hudiddy,


Welcome back to our Best Buy community forum! We appreciate what a loyal customer you have been, and are grateful that you took the time to share this valuable feedback with us. 


Our goal is always to provide the best customer experience we can, so we're sad to hear that wasn't how you felt after your recent visit to your local store. Getting a new phone is an exciting time, and we are honored that you decided to come to us for your purchase. That said, I wish that your time with us had gone differently, as we never meant to cause you any disappointment.


We do have quantity limits on certain items, as mentioned in our Terms & Conditions, as we do want to give all of our customers a fair chance to get the product they had their heart set on, rather than having them all be bought out by one person. However, if you need to make a purchase that exceeds quantity limits, you can reach out to Best Buy for Business to see if they can place the order on your behalf.


Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience with us! We are constantly working to improve our customer experience, so we will take this feedback under consideration moving forward.



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