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Who should I contact to complain about the service at a local store?

I recently bought a new I-phone at Best Buy in East Hanover NJ in last Ocober 2018.

The sales person of Best Buy offered a buy one get one free deal, so we gladly took the offer and paid $700 up front at the store. So we got two phones for a price of one I-phone.

However, we found Verizion started chaging the monthly device price every cycle.

So, I went back to Best Buy in East Hanover, NJ to correct the mistake.

They found out that the buy-one-get-one free deal should be paid as an installment to Verizon instead of one-time payment of $700 by credit card at the store.

But, the sales person wrongly misguided us to pay in a credit card at once up front. The employees at Best Buy in East Hanover, NJ admitted it was their fault and promised me to help resolve the issue.


But, I went back to Best Buy store in East Hanover, NJ five times to talk to someone there, but nothing has happned so far. Verizon has kept charging me the monthly device fee for last 5 months.


I have talked to Cell phone department manager (Carlos) and even Best Buy storre manger (Jay), they kept saying they will get back to me to confirm the issue is resolved, but none has actually resolved the issue.


I really don't understand, why the customer like me is being victimized by the mistake done by Best Buy employees.

Why I had to make five trips to the store and the issue has not been resolved?

I konw Best Buy is not doing good thsese days, but the qualifty of the service is much worse than I thought.

The store couldn't fix their mistake for last five months and still doesn't know how to fix the problem.

Very disappoiting...


Can they just give me back $700 credit to my card or with Best Buy credit (even I don't think prefer credit card)?


So, who should I go to discuss this to resolve the issues at Best Buy before I take it further to General Attorney's office of NJ for consumer protection departement?


I am not kidding. I am so frustrated by the consumer service of Best Buy.









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Re: Who should I contact to complain about the service at a local store?

Greetings, daeweek,


Getting a new phone is very exciting! Thank you for choosing Best Buy for your iPhone purchase. Also, I’d like to thank you for sharing your experience here on our community with us. I’m sorry to hear that the BOGO deal associated with your Verizon account may not have been processed correctly, resulting in a bill different than what was initially discussed. I understand how frustrating that could be for you.


Partnering with your local Best Buy in East Hanover would be the best option available. They’d be positioned to collaborate with their Verizon representative, on your behalf, to discuss the avenues available. We’d be happy to request an update on this for you. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address? A private message can be sent by choosing the blue “Private Message” button in my signature and I’d be happy to reach out to Carlos and Jay on your behalf. I look forward to your reply!



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