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Where would I email complaints to? and how to get a hold of head office

i am completely disgusted with Best Buy. I purchased a tablet for KIDS, specifically stating it was durable for children. Long story short i pick up this item get home and the headphones break immediately. I called best buy's 1800 number told them everything even the fact that the headphone wasn't working to begin with and then falls off the headpiece leaving wires hanging, the opposite side of where you plug it in. They tell me to return it to the store for refund or exchange i explain i wouldn't buy this product again as it states its made for children and within not even an hour the thing breaks! The dollar store has better quality headphones at a quarter of the cost!. 

I do as the gentleman told me and return the item to the store. I am a single mother going through university for psychology and barely making ends meet! My child is left without a gift because it is deffective. The gentle man outside the store was east indian (reason for me adding this in my statement to come) I show him the receipt tell him exactly what i told the gentleman on the phone and he grabs my product and reciept and goes inside the store, i watch him have another gentleman take the box apart to make sure everything is there and the issue with the product. He comes back outside and i had my face covered with my long neck jacket without a mask as i have health reasons. I am Exempt. He tells me to put a mask on I ask him if he will do the return or how the process works, he rudely tells me to put a mask on, i kept telling him i have my face covered and that he was fine before, he tells me he wont return it because its clearly physically damaged, (again i told him this on arrival before he even opened the box and asked for my reciept), i ask him to get me his manager, he refuses by smirking and stating he is the manager , i asked to see his manager, he continued with I AM THE MANAGER(worst customer service ever!) so i grab a mask, go bacck in line and he avoids me. completely walks by me as i am the only one standing outside (freezing cold) and just closes the door behinnd him. I ask the next blue shirt lady i saw walking in the store to see her manager, she says she will get her for me. manager comes outside ( same lady who walked out of the store during his vicious attacks with words; without a mask) and immediately tells me she wont refund the product without even looking at it first saying that she will not deal with racist people and thats why she wont help me! RACIST!!!! are you freeking kidding me, i dont know but feels as if i was the one who was approached with racism if anything else amonst bullying and poor customer service. This item is flimsy and the headphones didnt last 1hr with my 8 year old who is timid and gets me to do everything for her. how does this even happen?, I would like to know who hires these people! You are working with the community! Have better Customer service skills.! Very very unimpressed! And will recommend to my extended family and friends to not shop there either, if they want value for their money and to be respected when being a patreonage.. I want a full refund and where do i send you your product?


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Re: Where would I email complaints to? and how to get a hold of head office

Good afternoon, Meaghan,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.  It’s disappointing to hear the tablet you purchased wasn’t quite what you were hoping for, and I apologize for any inconvenience your experience with the tablet, or your visit to your local Best Buy store has caused.


As it sounds like you’re aware, you might be able to utilize our Return & Exchange Promise to return this table to us , however, our options may vary at this time, depending on when and where the tablet was purchased.  Would you be able to clarify if this was something you purchased with us through, or at your local Best Buy store? 


Looking forward to hearing from you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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