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Where to escalate formal complaint

I recently purchased an open boxed item at the pentagon city best buy in virginia. I own several rental properties and have purchased many times from best buy to resolve appliance issues that arose thru the years. I purchased the open boxed item 4 weeks ago and waited a month for delivery which seems odd since I had never see a wait time that long. The day of delivery (after 3 weeks of waiting) I got a call from a manager saying my unit fell off the truck and was unsellable and offered a few replacements which were must cheaper than the kitchenaid I purchased. I told him multiple tile I was leaving on vacation and my renter has been waiting. He waited until 30 minutes prior to my flight to call me back. He had a day in a half to resolve. He basically came back with the offer of a new one but I had to pay 200 more dollars. This was essentially a $50 discount of a sale item. So let me understand. I bought for years, at least 20 appliances, waited a month for delivery, and basically given a $50 discount. I told him I would think I am entitled to a better costume experience to resolve an issue prior to vacation. He told me it was impossible to override the system. I told him I wanted to speak to a manager and that I would like to resolve prior to my vacation. He said he will call back. This was on saturday. I have never heard from best buy again. Which means they probably refunded my money without any sense of responsibility, have no reached out to me or care for my business and puts me in bad standing with my renters. Please who can I contact about this issue because it is ridiculous how this matter was treated. Thank you
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No response to post

I see alot of responses but none to complaints. I called store manager and no call back. How can this be called customer support. How do I get to regional managers? Does anyone have any ideas about this? I am trying to talk to pentagon city manager in virginia.

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Re: No response to post

District Managers are not in customer facing roles and as such do not have contact information available to customers. If you wish to speak with someone at corporate the moderators here can help as the are based out of our headquarters. They can partner with the appropriate team to answer your concerns and record your feedback on the situation.

They work on a first come first serve basis and should reply shortly. This is also likely the reason why you would see a post in which they haven’t replied yet.
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Re: No response to post

Hey there, Christyforonda,


Welcome to our Best Buy Forum community! While I wish you were reaching out to us under better circumstances, I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us.


Getting a new appliance is an important purchase, so we're grateful that you decided to place your order with us. That said, the experience you described is far from the one we aimed to provide. I know how discouraged I would be if it took three weeks for my appointment to arrive, only for something to wrong the day of so I'm glad you came to us so we can try to turn this experience around.


Using the blue "Private Message" option in my signature, can you please send over your full name, phone number, email address and order number so I can review our options?



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Re: Where to escalate formal complaint

I just received a text with a new delivery date but have no idea what is supposed to be delivered? I have not been called by anyone.