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Where is the address to send in request for refund in writing

Dear moderator,

I've purchased a gas dryer from Best Buy in Westminster store during the holiday discound for $499.99  and later when I exchanged for another one because the first one came without the adjuster legs. This transaction was on phone with customer service and they refund the price for the first purchase of $499 and charged on Best Buy Credit card for the replacement $579.99. However, the 2nd dryer also could not installed  because  my home gas pipe has "a spring valve" instead of "ball valve" so the installer did not took back the unit on 1/13/2020.  Then on 1/26/2020, Best Buy refund the purchase but only for $499.99 which is the original price, not the price they charged me $579.00 which different is $80.00 plus tax for a total $87.00. 

I thought all along, I have owed nothing since all items had been returned, but I ended up with a late charge fee of $28 on top of the $87.00 the citi account told me.


I've call the card explained the situation with no result and they told me go to the store.  I did that 3 times at the Westminster store but was told by the appliance manager that nothing they can do to refund that money and asked if I come back to talk to the store general manager, the problem is the general manager rarely at the store and only in couple days a month, if I cannot caught them, it will be another 2 weeks before they present at the store.


My question is, please help me to have an address where I can send in all the paper work (receipt) for me to request the refund.  I am really tire of keep coming to the store for couple hours waiting for nothing happened.


You can send the info to my private email address in my profile or you can post the address here so I can sumbit the letter.