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Where did my PickUP go? Someone needs to be removed!!

So here goes I Preorder a Nintendo Switch game in September 2018 when it released to be sure it was there on the day of the release. And guess what my dismay I come in three days before the deadline and they have nothing to show for it. I was like where is it - the pickup staff said they have no idea where it went I was like how can this be it has 3 days before it expires and it is nowhere. I told the staff I placed these specific Pre-orders for a reason and you charged me for the game but have no evidence where it went. This was at the Oakdale Bestbuy in Minnesota if the MODs or BB staff are reading this. I will make a formal complaint to the site on site chat when they come back online to have this investigated as to how does a Pre-Order go missing but yet they made a charge to my CC. They happly take my money and have nothing to show for it. The staff had to go out onto the floor to find the game of which they found only three game there. What would that staff do if there was nothing there when there was a PreOrder for the game. I would've asked for a Supervisor or Manager and ask they FIRE themselves or demote themselves to a Cashier for their Incompetent Management skills. In this day and age of Digital tracking how does a Pre-Order already tagged go missing? This smells very FISHY to me. As before I will file a FORMAL Compliant when the Chat comes back online and ask for a AUDIT to find whom took my Pre-Order and didn't come forward to take the blame and be fired for it.

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Re: Where did my PickUP go? Someone needs to be removed!!

I will let you know that internal matters will not be discussed with you. That includes employment practices as well as the outcome of any investigation.

It is definitely not a good situation, but in my experience there are a number of ways that I have seen orders fall through the cracks. Keep in mind, most preorders are just reserve charges and as long as you never picked the item up there is never a final charge. It will fall off in accordance with your credit card issuer’s terms and conditions. Did you ask them to cancel the order, or did they make any changes to it to acquire the product in question? I ask, because if it’s marked as tagged and it is not there, it will remain that way until it is acted upon or it auto-cancels.
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Re: Where did my PickUP go? Someone needs to be removed!!

Hello StormJumper,

Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thanks so much for taking the time to join us and let us know about this issue.

I know when I preorder a game I want to play it on release day, and I’d be very concerned if my preorder wasn’t there waiting for me as expected. It sounds, from your post, like we were able to track down a copy of that game for you. 

I really appreciate your feedback on the process we have for preorders, and I’ll be sure to document this in our corporate systems. While any actions taken as a result of this will be internal to Best Buy and not something I’ll be able to share, I assure you that we take this seriously. I’m confident the next time you preorder with us we’ll provide you with a superior experience.


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Re: Where did my PickUP go? Someone needs to be removed!!

But this still doesn't explain how a pre-order already charged could go missing 3 days before the expiration date.