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Where can I file a complaint against an employee at Best Buy #120 (Santa Rosa, Ca.)?

I went to Best Buy yesterday 6/11/19 to purchase a geek Squad 2 year protection plan for my oculus go. I brought the oculus go in so they could inspect it and instructed on the website. The person that "helped" me should not have been left alone to do this transaction. He clearly was still training and had to keep calling a manger over asking him questions. He then tells me to verify my info on the lcd screen which I do. I explained that I wanted to use my Best Buy Rewards certificates to pay for the protection plan. I had 4 of them printed out in my hand. Two $25 certs, a $30 cert and a $5 cert. He huffs and acts like it is a major burden that I want to use the certificates. I was about to give him the two $25 certs, when he asked to see them all. Then he points to the lcd screen and tells me to select the "paper" button on the screen. I was distracted by how close to the edge of the desk that my oculus go was. So as I went to move it I looked at the screen and selected "paper" as he instructed. At the time I didn't realize what paper thing was about.

He then tells me that I can only use $35 of my certs towards the purchase. I ask him why and his answer was "that is the maximum amount that you can use when paying with rewards certificates. I didn't want to argue with him or upset him more than he already was. So I paid the rest with my best buy credit card. He hands me the receipt and just stands there not saying a word. Awkward to say the least. I look at the receipt and ask him where the protection plan info is that I just purchased, and asked him if it was going to be emailed to me if he wasn't going to give it to me there. His reply "How am I supposed to know? You chose email or paper and I dont know what you chose." I tell him that he told me to press "paper" and he quickly snaps at me saying he never said that and that I must have chose email and to go check my email. The entire transaction this guy had an attitude and kept being a smart mouth. I asked him for the printed protection plan I just purchased and proof that it was associated with my oculus go. He told me to check my email later because I must have chose email not "paper" At this point I just left instead of dealing with his attitude. Any help on this would be appreciated, Thank you

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Re: Where can I file a complaint against an employee at Best Buy #120 (Santa Rosa, Ca.)?

Just spent the last 3 hours on the phone with the "GEEK SQUAD" Found out that the 2 year protection plan I purchased for my oculus go is not even associated with each other. I have a protection plan with no device attached to it. I was told that I have to go back to the store with the device and have the plan updated with the devices Serial Number. Absolute moron that helped me

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Re: Where can I file a complaint against an employee at Best Buy #120 (Santa Rosa, Ca.)?

Hi there, DannyKientz,


Thank you for taking the time to join our community forums and letting us know about your experience at our Best Buy Santa Rosa location. We work hard to provide great service every time you visit us and I apologize that this wasn't your experience. I would be happy to make sure your feedback gets to the right place and also take a look at what happened with your protection plan. Did you have the opprotunity to speak to a store manager during your visit? If not I would be happy to reach out to them on your behalf. Do you remember the name of the associate you spoke to? Can you please clarify what date and time you visited?


I'd also like to take a look at this Geek Squad Protection plan. Can you please send me a private message with some more information? I will need to confirm your:


Full name

Email address
Phone number


To send a private message please click the button at the bottom of my post across from my name. I look forward to hearing back from you so I can further assist you.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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