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What is Best Buy's Price Adjustment Policy / Timeframe?

So, I am a former Best Buy employee, however, I worked as a merch specialist and so I am not as familiar with all the Store policies.

My scenario is this, I just had an old TV take a snooze on me in my living room recently and is in dire need to be replaced. I know Presidents' Day is less than 2 weeks away and will probably have some great deals on TVs, so my question is this, if I purchase a particular TV set for say $700 and it's on sale for $500 for Presidents Day, is there anyway I can collect the difference?

I know a lot of stores offer similar policies because it is unfair if you buy something that goes down in price then next day. That just encourages the customer to return the product and rebuy it, which is a hassle for both sides.

In the past I have been burned by these policies, by KMart particularly. I was a young teen, working my first job and saved up enough money to buy a PS3 on my own, the first game system I would have gotten on my own dollar. I was so happy and then about 2 weeks later the PS3 dropped in price $100, and this was back before smartphones were a teen staple, so I had no 24/7 access to the internet to have known. I went to KMart the next day, assuming they had some sort of 30 day adjustment policy, to which they said "no our policy is only valid for 14 days". I learned a hard lesson that day and do not plan to repeat the situation.

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Re: What is Best Buy's Price Adjustment Policy / Timeframe?

As long as you’re still within the return period (between 14-45 days depending on your rewards status) you can request a price adjustment for the difference.
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Re: What is Best Buy's Price Adjustment Policy / Timeframe?

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Hello SlickNickM94,


It sounds like what you're looking for is our Price Match Guarantee. This service allows you to not only price match at checkout with some online merchants and local competitors, but also enables you to price match our own price should it drop during your Return & Exchange Promise period. 


In most instances, that time frame is 15 days from the date of purchase. For our Elite members it is extended to 30 days and Elite Plus receives 45 days to price match. You can read more on our Price Match Guarantee by following the link below.


Best Buy - Price Match Guarantee

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Re: What is Best Buy's Price Adjustment Policy / Timeframe?

Except when you're buying bundles - no caveats published anywhere, but I just tried to get a $600 difference in a $5k+ order refunded within the return period, but Best Buy wouldn't do it, even though the original order was a bundle offer, and the new price was for precisely the same bundle offer except for a lot less money. Far from impressed, and won't be making the mistake to buy with Best Buy again.