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What happened to customer service?

A friend of mine put me on her phone plan. She lives in Minnesota and I live in Las Vegas. Before purchasing the phone we called the Las Vegas store to find out if she added me to the account if I could just purchase the phone here,we were told no!!!

She purchased Samsung S10 for me and shipped it out the same day November 30th. She mailed it via Federal Express unfortunately the package was delayed because of weather. I received the phone on the 6th or 7th of December. Unfortunately during this time my niece was rushed to the hospital as she was unresponsive. She was in a diabetic coma for six days. The last thing on my mind was opening up the cell phone. On the 14th day, I noticed that the phone wasn't holding the charge and the charger was getting so hot I couldn't touch it!!! The following day I went to Best buy and spoke with the Samsung rep at the store. According to him it's because I downloaded Facebook lmfao and that's why the charge wouldn't hold. Give me a break. When I told him about the cord getting so hot I couldn't hold it his comment it's supposed to get hot because it's a fast charger. I asked him if it's possible they can exchange the phone as I didn't feel safe with it. You told me unfortunately I am 1-day past the 14 days. I explained to him that life does happen and I have all documents of proof of Federal Express and my niece being in the hospital. Instead of being a little empathetic he laughed in my face. He started blaming me for the problems. I told him how I close out all of the apps, he literally yelled at me and said you're not supposed to do that. Because it takes more battery power to start those apps backup. Me and while I already have a Motorola that I purchased at a boost Mobile store. The phone is 3 years old and still holds the charge. How are you going to tell me that a piece of garbage phone is better than the brand new Samsung 10? we then proceeded to talk to somebody that works for Best buy mobile period. The Samsung rep went over whispered something in his ear and they both laughed. I walked away almost in tears from the way I was treated by the Samsung rep and your employee!!!! I then asked if they could document that I was in the store with this problem. They both got a good laugh out of that one and said you got to be kidding me what would you like us to document.

I then proceeded to the front where the greeter was just as rude. I asked for him to contact a manager as I would like to speak to one. He talked into his little microphone I made a comment it's the lady from the cell phone. After that he didn't say two words to me. I waited approximately 10 minutes and said to him hey is a manager coming out? His comment to me was do you see one, I asked him why didn't you just tell me instead of making me wait. He shrugged his shoulders like I don't care. I said so no managers coming out and he goes well that would be an educated guess. So is this how you treat your customers? Is this what's allowed? I literally called 1888 Best buy from in front of the store. I ended up talking to somebody who didn't care. She was literally chewing in my ear oh, I told her to put the crackers down so I could understand her. Instead she hung up on me. I called the following morning and spoke to several different people. I felt like I was just being passed around from person to person. I called back again and ask to speak to the manager at the Henderson store on Marks Street. I was told that now there's no way to contact the store but they would leave an email to have the manager of the store call me. I have yet to hear word one.


Is this how you normally treat customers? I have purchased many of items from your store. Sadly I noticed customer service was becoming lack of and I started taking my business elsewhere. I used to be I guess what you consider a Platinum elite customer. I don't know what good it did as I have been treated like garbage from plenty of your stores. So go ahead and reply Best buy , let's hear all the lies!!!

Honestly the only reason I'm even writing on this forum it's so when the charger goes on fire which I'm sure it will I want to be able to say I documented it on this site!!!!!!!!!!

I want it documented. The phone does not hold the charge. I have restored it back to factory settings charged it to 100% and removed it from the charge. The phone with nothing running dies at 6 hours!!!!! Now the back of the phone is heating up that I can't even touch it!!!!! So this is all documented.

Just in case you haven't figured it out my username is I dislike Best buy

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Re: What happened to customer service?

It's only warranted thru best buy for the 14 days if no gsp was purchased, however its warrantied thru Samsung for 1 year. Give Samsung a call for a warranty repair or replacement.
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Re: What happened to customer service?

Good afternoon, User910966,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your feedback with us.  From what you’ve described, the service it sounds like you received at your local Best Buy store is far from the level of service we hope to provide our customers when shopping with us.  Regardless of the reason for your visit, we expect all customers to be treated with respect throughout their interactions with us, and I apologize if this was not your experience at your local Best Buy store.


Regarding the phone your friend ordered for you, nckhammond is definitely on the right track here, and I hope you’ve found their advice useful.  The phone you’ve received from your friend should have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty with Samsung, and you should be able to utilize this warranty to service the phone as needed, and hopefully resolve the issues you’ve described having.  If you haven’t done so yet, I’d recommend partnering with Samsung to discuss this phone and its warranty further, which you can begin here.



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