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Westminster, Colorado Store. Lied to customer and then bought the employees bought the product.

I just visited this store yesterday in hopes of grabbing this highly sought after item, a Nvidia Graphics card. 
I went to customer service got told "We have no idea where that is." How does a $1500 and $600 item just show up available and then 4 hrs later, be not found? I have a guess...employee bought it. I don't have a problem with that but why not be upfront about it. The parker store lied to me on this as well as they had the same card last weekend. I got there before opening, shows in stock...then get told yeah it's gone. I had this same fiasco happen a couple days ago in which I have to drive all the way back down from Loveland to pick up the card that was "supposely missing."
If this is like a part of an employee bonus, cool, but don't lie saying we have no idea where it is. 
So now I drove from up north, to be told that the card I wanted, the 3090 doesn't exist. I would have even took the 3070ti. Then lied to about how the item in stock works. 
I would like an explanation on how a $600 and $1500 item is missing as shrink, or something else or how I was told that the order was not cancelled and it is not available. I asked how many cards they got as I check the app all the time. Mahmoud the service rep talking to me didn't even know what came, a 3090 wasn't delivered he said. I said it's in the app in stock. 
Any light shed on this would be great as I have been keep to see that this always happen... Aka Employees buying the products and customers being lied too. 
Nothing like spending $20k plus a year at bestbuy on products to be lied too. 
Sorry if I'm coming off strong but being lied to by 2 reps in customer service and a manager about this is a joke. Mahmoud and Cassandra are the service reps.  I do not recall the manager that came and spoke to me. He was a tall gentleman that didn't seem to "care."
I spoke to a supervisor, Wes, 4 days ago as I came here to get a 3070 after all of this fiasco got "Sorted" out. Which in turn the card was in the back and no one seemed to check the corporate email from bestbuy saying that if a sku is asked for to sell it. I listed both skus of the 3090 and the 3070ti. 3090 sku is 6429434. 3070ti is 6465789. 

In turn, bestbuy doesnt seem to care about customers. Only give there employees perks of buying items that are "in stock" before customers can on highly soughted items. 

Another PRIME example. My wife went to Fort Collins for me this morning, was in line to get a different graphics card as I cant seem to get one of these things...Only to find out the item "Vanished" from the oin stock app 30 mins before store opened. Again, Employees buying the item. She asked where it went "We didnt receive that item"  

Best Buy is turning into Walmart. I can gladly take my business to newegg and stop my purchaees at Bestbuy. Now to get my totaltech refunded as this company doesnt seem to care. 
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Re: Westminster, Colorado Store. Lied to customer and then bought the employees bought the product.

I would believe that employees have rules about purchasing products and that they have to wait until they are off the clock to conduct a transaction.


The same for workers of fast food chains, where they can only purchase food for their meals on their designated break but not on the clock. 

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Re: Westminster, Colorado Store. Lied to customer and then bought the employees bought the product.

Thanks for the reply. I am in agreement with you that, that is how employees should be able too do it. However, I believe they are "Putting them in the back" and buying them. Something is just very shady about everything.