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Waiting on check refund for in-store return

Last month I made a fairly sizable in-store purchase and paid cash. A few days later I returned my purchase (well within the 15-day return period and due to being sold an item that did not fit the specific specs i needed - which I had given the salesperson who helped me). At the end of my return process, I was told because of the amount of my purchase/return, I would not get my cash back and could only get a BB gift card (BB did not offer what I needed) or a check refund would have to issued. I had to go with the check. At that time I was told it would take 3-5 business days to receive my check. Several weeks later, many calls to customer service (useless) and several 35+ min trips to my closest store looking for updates, and I have heard a completely different story from each person I have dealt with. It had been almost SIX weeks since my return and that BB has had my money and I cannot get a straight answer from anyone! No one can tell me if my check has even processed. Had anyone else waited this long for a return refund check to be issued? I don’t even know where else to turn, except to try this public forum. Thank you.
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Re: Waiting on check refund for in-store return

Hey there, Customer06,


Thank you for reaching out to us here on our community forums. I can understand waiting a long time for a refund not being ideal. I would love to investigate. To do so, kindly private message me your:


Full name

Phone number

Email address

Customer Service Pin (located bottom of receipt) or Order Number


All the best,

Kayden|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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