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Waited too long to use brand new controller-faulty brand new product

So I have bought multiple series controllers from best buy and never have had issues. Bought the new pink controller and the home button works 25% of the time right out of the box. Sadly i didnt need to start using this one until after the 30 day return period (still within 2 months) and im very frustrated. Brand new product brand new controller. Being forced to go through Microsoft for a problem with a brand new controller is inconvenient. Ive spent way too much money on my gaming accessories through best buy and usually have no issue. This time though it sucks im out 70 dollars just for not wanting to use the controller until my other one needed to be replaced. I understand why the refund/replace policy exists but wish there was a solution that didnt involve going through Microsoft themselves. I choose best buy over online places because i dont have to deal with shipping etc if there are any issues. In the end guess i have to test everything instead of trusting its going to work out of the box. Idk have some hope i can get this solved still but also know its unlikely to happen. Think im just disappointed with this whole situation. Anyone have any advice besides going through Microsoft id appreciate it if not I understand. I understand terms and services are there. My lesson learned is to test EVERYTHING so this doesnt happen again no matter if i plan on using it asap or not
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Re: Waited too long to use brand new controller-faulty brand new product

Throughout my participation on these forums since 2008 I've seen some posts where if a customer goes back to the store and they politely explain the situation they are accomodated as a one time exception. However this is up to the manager or supervisor to over-ride this policy. If in the end they tell you they can't do it, this would be the final answer and you would have to go through your manufacturers warranty in order to get assistance.                    

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Re: Waited too long to use brand new controller-faulty brand new product

Hello, KTR89.


Can you please send a private message to us so we can talk further about your purchase?

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