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On March 20th, my husband and I walked into the patchogue best buy. I was so excited and thrilled to be getting a new laptop for my designing business. I went over to an associate placing full trust in the their expertise. They decided for creative cloud programs which laptop would work best. I am not an expert in the least and was under a sense of what i can only call now, false security. They ordered the laptop to come home. I was so ecstatic upon arrival but I didn't open it and waited for my tech appointment. Brimming with excitement, the day came and I welcomed the tech. One look at the laptop, he said he couldn't download anything! The type of laptop is not made for external programs to be downloaded. I was so upset. I figured we can return the laptop and get another with the specs that the tech wrote down. He did not seem surprised that the associate ordered something that would not help me. He also commented on the need for better trained sales associates. That should have been a hint that something is not right. The product was paid by my husband and he was away on business. I was not able to return it within 30 days without him. We had not anticipated that the laptop would not even be able to download programs! Finally, my husband is able to bring the laptop into the patchogue store and try to return. I was working and waiting for an upcoming meeting when my husband calls to say, the computer is different from the box. I was shocked by his angry tone and surprised at the frustration. And then I realized he was saying the laptop I waited for, that I trusted the sales rep to order, that I trusted the tech to set up, is not the one that is supposed to be sent. How can something like this happen? Is there no quality control? Are products just sent out according to feeling rather than the actual order? I immediately missed my appointment at work and drove to the patchogue store LIVID. This error on best buys part is beyond humiliating and insulting. Now there is a question of where is the missing laptop. Why didn't the tech realize it was the incorrect computer? How could I possibly know with my limited knowledge and blind trust that they sent the wrong laptop in another box? The total cost was 2500 dollars down the drain. I feel betrayed. Taken advantage of. Abandoned. After the store said "not our department", I called the suggested number only to be accosted and questioned about the length of time and taking the product out the box. Unbelievable. If I were to be underhanded, why wouldn't I adhere to the 30 day policy so there are lesser red flags? I waited to open the box with the tech. I trusted that best buy would help me. I got screwed. Now I'm to wait 48 hours for a representative to call me back. The first payment for the laptop is due tomorrow. I still have no way of completing my design projects and I'm being scrutinized. Never again will I purchase from best buy. I can say this was the worst buy of my life.
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Hello, erosemberz,


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I appreciate you taking the time to let our team know of this matter. I'd be happy to look into this a bit further to provide any clarity I can. Based on what you've mentioned above, it seems that a team may already be reviewing this matter. That said, I can double check your profile and document any additional feedback.


Please send us a private message to verify your full name, phone number and email on file with us for the order.



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