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Dec 18th i ordered an onlsale Iphone for in store pickup Dec31st. My sons chistmas present. 


On the 31st order online said pending. So I called the CS #. Agent told me store is porbably just behind and to go to the store. After work I headed to Henrietta pick up location. CS person @ store told me phone was not availbale had shipped from Kentucky but was on a truck somewhere. Should be in in the next day or 2.


Next day was New Years day. So I waited until saturday. NO change in online status. Went to store and was told it was in town with UPS but they dont deliver until Monday. Was shown a tracking number. 


Monday the 4th @ 4pm no status change. So I call customer service again. They provide the tracking number and say it was deliver to the store @ 10:17 am. Head to the store after work. Instantly told phone is not in yet. Show him the tracking info. Phone is located. I am told it will take 15-20 min to recieve and update the order. 


I walk around the storefor 30 min and A guy finds me with the phone and tells me it wont activate and hes worried the phone is burned. Tells me I should just buy a iphone 12 since its on $100.00 more. I emplain that i know what the issue is and we needto involve Verizon as I had already set up the new line. So 75 minutes later I leave the store with a working phone.


Today I recieve an email that my order has been cancelled. I have the phone!!!!!!


Naturally I call customer service. First agent transfers me to Cell CS. Then this agent tells me I have to talk to Online order CS. Thats when the call drops. So I try calling the local store. On hold for over 15 min.


So I try corp # again. This agent trys to transfer me to Cell again. Then says, " its the stores problem, they will call you when they figure it out." I have payments with verison set up. Not an exceptable answer. Then he says, " well go to the store". I have spent over 8 hours with this transaction. I ask him is there a manager that he can connect me with or have call me back? He says all he can do i request an email be sent. 


Try the local store number and it says high call volume and hangs up. 


This phone purchase could not be more frustrating if they tried! 





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Hey, judah304,


I appreciate you reaching out to us here on the Forums about your experience getting your new phone activated. This definitely doesn't sound like the service we strive for, and I'm sorry to hear that this was your experience in purchasing a new phone through us at Best Buy.


We certainly don't want our customer's to be on hold for extended periods of time, or be redirected multiple times. I'm sorry to hear this was your experience in giving our phone support team a call. I'd be happy to take a closer look into your order and see what I can do to help.


So that I can get started, please send us a private message with your full name, email, phone number and order number. 




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