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Bought a 4K TV from bestbuy which was ready to be shipped to our home right away, but they upsold the warranty and install and said they would deliver 3 days later and get it installed. The day of the delivery, their MV office refuses to provide the product to the installer(Best buy's own third party install vendor) and then sends an automated message to me (the customer) that you need to go online and reschedule your delivery. No further info provided. We spend the entire day tuesday speaking with floor managers in Irvine, CA location who finally explain what happened and that they are sorry. No communication was made between best buy and the installer prior to the appointment time to update product availability or warn them or US of any issues. After spending hours back and forth with Irvine, CA manager, we get a reschedule for today and this time the product is to be picked from the Tustin, CA location. The same episode repeats again where best buy refuses to release the product to the installer resulting in a cancellation of our appointment AGAIN. No communication is made by Best buy or their Irvine or Tustin managers to US the customer of the latest issues. Upon spending the entire morning calling between Tustin and Irvine and speaking with random managers, it is revealed that the system was NOT updated yesterday to change pick up location from MV to Tustin (despite us spending many hours on the phone with managers who continued promising a resolution to us)--> what does this prove? INEFFICIENT PROCESSES, SYSTEMS AND EMPLOYEES at Best BUY who are the WORST at customer service. They have no sense of urgency, DO NOT learn from their mistakes and continue torturing their customers with their inefficient practices and lack of communication skills. For a retail giant, BEST BUY sure SUCKS at customer service - You are IN business cos of your customers - if you are going to continue to display such incompetencies, there will be NO customer. Have never dealt with such incompetent people who lack the basic concept of COMMUNICATION. PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL YOUR COLLEAGUES AND STOP DEPENDING ON AND BLAMING COMPUTERS FOR ALL YOUR MISSES! TOO disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi there, SaimaQasim!


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There's nothing more disappointing than having a delivery cancelled unexpectedly and having trouble getting your concerns addressed. I'd like to look into this for you, but will need some information to begin. If you will please send me a private message that includes the following, I’ll do my best to help:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your order number

To send me a private message, please click the button labeled "Private Message" in my signature below.



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