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Video Game Return

Dear Best Buy,

Your store sincerely failed me yesterday and I received the most frustrating customer service experience of my life. I purchased two video games last week and did not open either one of them. I took them back to the store and while game was returned just fine, the other was denied apparently for “too many returns” on our account. I understand this is a form of asset protection, I understand it is a way to prevent theft or fraud etc. What I do not understand is how your employees can be so uneducated about your policies.

I was told to call a specific number to get an approval for this final return, the number directed me back to Best Buy customer service, and Best Buy told me again to call the number I just did for approval. Apparently no one on either side has any way to grant approval for a denied return. That’s not even the worst part.

I go back to the store and explain this to a very unhelpful supervisor. My intention was to purchase a TV in your store and I simply asked that while this purchase can not be returned, all I would simply like is a gift card for the amount to be used towards the purchase of the TV. A no receipt exchange. He denied me and told me it is not possible. That is a lie, I know for a fact it is possible, managers have done it for me before. I argued with him saying I know this is a capability of management on a case by case basis. Well, I had an unopened game with a receipt from the exact store, and I was looking to make another and more expensive purchase. How was that not an acceptable situation?

All I wanted was a gift card, I was willing to compromise and spend more money, you failed big time in showing me that you care about your customers at all. It is because of your employees poor customer service and your policies that people are beginning to step away from Best Buy completely. I ended up purchasing the TV anyway, and I did so as a goodbye to my final time shopping at Best Buy. It’s been unpleasant most of the time, but thanks for the memories

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Re: Video Game Return

*while one game was returned
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Re: Video Game Return

Hello, Mikeskullx,

Thanks for joining the Best Buy Forums.


Being able to place returns is a great benefit to shopping with Best Buy. I'm sorry to hear that you were denied a return during your recent visit to the store. My understanding is that if a denial notice has been issues, our stores would not have a way to process any returns, including exception returns to Store Credit, for the impacted customer.


While I cannot guarantee a different outcome, we do have specialists that can review your account in regards to return warning and denial notices. If this is something that you would be interested in, please send a Private Message with the following information:

  • Full name as it appears on your ID
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Warning or denial notice number (this will be located on the notice that printed out from the register and will typically end in -BBY)

You can find a link to send a Private Message in my signature. Once we have all of that information collected, we can send your concerns over to a specialist for further review.



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