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Very unpleasant experience at Best Buy - What is going on?

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I haven't had any issues with Best Buy purchases recently until yesterday.


Best Buy Order Number {removed per forum guidelines}.


Purchased online 10/29/2020 and picked up from Richfield Best Buy 10/30/2020. The reason I decided to wait a very long time to purchase this open-box cell phone was because I was afraid I (personally) wouldn't like it, even after purchasing two other identical phones for wife and mother (as they seem to like theirs). Drove 29 miles to pick up from Richfield location. At the time of pickup, I was assisted by Assistant Store Manager Heath at the counter. I specifically asked him if there would be a return restocking fee if I decide that I didn't lke the phone and wanted to return. His answer was "no" so I made my final decision to finalize purchase and picked up the phone. Heath's exact words - "it's an open-box item so if you return it, I'm not going to worry about the restocking fee."


Yesterday, 11/01/2020, I went to Best Buy Maplewood location to return the phone. At the counter, I was assisted by Mobil Tech Associate Edgar. I asked him to confirm if there would be a restocking fee for the return of the phone. Edgar was unsure so Assistant Store Manager Amanda stated to me that becuase the phone was open and signed in to, etc., that it is subject to $45 restocking fee. I went on to explain to her the situation and informed her of Richfield's Assistant Store Manager Heath's verbal promise that I would not be charged a restocking fee. Amanda responded by telling me that there was nothing she could do about it and that I woud need to go back to Richfield Best Buy to talk to that store about their promise.


At this point, Amanda and I stared at each other for a few awkward seconds until she walked away to tend to other needs. I'd also l ike to add here so that it's clear - at no time during my brief encounter with Amanda, did I feel that she made me feel like a valued customer, based off the tone of her body language and responses. After Amanda had walked away, I asked Edgar "is she always like this?" and to his response - "no, she isn't." I asked Edgar if Ashley's manager was available and I was told that the Store Manager Nicki was not in.


Completely apalled and feeling "lost," I told Edgar that I'd keep the phone for now.  I took a few seconds to recollect my thoughts and just as I was just about to walk out of the store I decided to make a last-effort attempt to ask for more help from someone else - I saw Edgar walking from the counter and asked him to contact the Richfield store in hopes that maybe I'd get a positive response from another manager there. Edgar called the Richfield store and found that Heath was in the store at the time but was unavailble so a manager by the name of Jamie assisted us over the phone. She asked and Edgar informed her of the situation. A brief moment later, Edgar hangs up the phone call. Edgar then informs me that Jamie "just asked" Heath and his response to her was - "I never told anyone that."


This is quite simple. I do not understand why Best Buy would choose to do this over a small $45 restocking fee on an open-box item. It makes no sense to me at all. I'm still wondering why Assistant Store Manager Heath decided to tell me this when I picked up the phone from his store then said that he "never told anyone that" when he was asked over the phone. I'm upset that Store Manager Ashley handled the situation that she did and made the decision to respond to me in the way that she did. I hope that someone does see this message and offer an explantion. Nothing that I have said here is made up nor did I try and paint this picture of everyone that I have encountered at Best Buy recently as horrible persons. I felt like "crap" when I left the store. That's why I've decided to take my time to generate this message.

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Re: Very unpleasant experience at Best Buy - What is going on?

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Correction: Order Number: {removed per forum guidelines}, purchases 10/21/2020, picked up 10/22/2020.

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Re: Very unpleasant experience at Best Buy - What is going on?

When you purchased the phone did it come up with a restocking fee message you have to acknowledge before completing the purchase?
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Re: Very unpleasant experience at Best Buy - What is going on?

Hi, 1UP!


Thanks for reaching back out to us on our forum for support. I hate to hear about the experience you had when returning your open-box cell phone. Regardless of the situation, we'd expect managers at any of our Best Buy locations to be attentive and caring when it comes to support you're in need of. It saddens me to hear about the interactions you had with managers at the Richfield and Maplewood stores, and I'd like the chance to help now.


Were you able to revisit the Richfield store again regarding this restocking fee you originally discussed with Heath? While cell phones do have a restocking fee, we would expect the store to uphold their promise if you were told this would be waived in the case of your open-box purchase. Also, as nckhammond asked, did you acknowledge this restocking fee upon checking out?


All the best,

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