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Very poor store experience needs correction

Recently purchased the Samsung s10 plus at my closest store. Purchased at one store then had to pick it up at another which was fine. Store 2 said they couldn't activate the phone and sent me to sprint. After I had the phone setup I realized I hadn't received the promo watch that I was supposed to receive. Called customer service and had a very rude rep that just said go to the store. I drove back to the store, 45 min away, and they were able to correct it and the employee that said there were no promos apologized that there was one. Fast forward to today 12 days later, the phone was said to be defective because i was unable to receive any calls. I returned to the 1st store to return the item. I asked if i could make a full return and then do a new transaction to purchase the sprint version rather than the unlocked. They wouldn't do a full return but rather do some sort of swap. I was told i had to return the watch which was fine. The same employee that wasn't sure of the promo from my first experience was the associate helping again. I had asked him to do the full return because there was a promo for $100 off and a charger on a sprint phone. He said there was no such promo and it was only for new customers. After calmly explaining it was on the website, he found it and said yeah okay but there's an activation fee which I said was fine. He was unable to activate the phone due to an issue with sprint which I said was fine as well but then did a couple of strange things. 1st like I said did not do a full return, second refunded the protection plan which I didn't want to a gift card rather than my best buy credit, third returned my case to the best buy credit. He then gave me the gift card, receipts, and phone and said you're all set. I was doing all of this on my lunch break so had to rush back to work. When I arrived to the sprint store after work to activate the phone i looked at the receipt. Not only did i have the weird return to the gift card instead of the credit, I gave back the watch, didn't receive the charger, but also was not given the $100 discount. Basically I'm still in the hole the same amount, don't have the promo watch, and now have $180 of store credit which I can't put towards my credit. I have gone back and forth to this store too many times and I can also see the noticeable frustration on this employees face that I wish somehow someone competent can help correct this situation via phone or email. I'm a loyal customer and make all of my big purchases at best buy including this one of $1300. I am not looking for special treatment or a hand out, I would just like to have what was advertised at the price that was advertised and not have a large amount of store credit which makes this whole situation feel disingenuous where I am now forced to make more purchases rather than decide to do so. Please help if possible because if I cannot be helped and am forced to go to this store again, I will be forced to take my business elsewhere because this whole situation is unacceptable. Have never had a problem or complaint with any best buy purchase online or in store
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Re: Very poor store experience needs correction

Hello, Nivekshakur,


Thank you for joining our community forums and taking the time to let us know about your recent experience with this phone. I can certainly understand how frustrating it would be to spend so much time trying to find a solution that works for you. While I can't guarantee how I can assist you with this I would be glad to do some further research in to this. I'd like to take a deeper look at your purchase and return receipts. Can you please send me a private message with your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Customer service PIN (located at bottom of receipt)


To send a private message please click the button at the bottom of my post. I look forward to hearing back from you.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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