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Very disturbing curbside practice.

This is a copy and paste from my facebook post. It has also been posted on twitter:


Well THAT was extremely disturbing. I'm not one to ever complain about things like this so publicly, but I implore anyone considering doing a curbside pickup at BestBuy to reconsider.
I was somehow able to order an RTX 3070 on the BestBuy website. For those that don't know, that is a computer part that is extremely difficult to find in stores. The MSRP for it is over $500 and on eBay it is selling for well over $800. Compounding to that, the exemption to computer parts on the Chinese tariffs has recently expired and they will soon be anywhere from 5% to 25% more expensive from now on, plus most likely will be built further down to cost as an attempt to mitigate the price to consumers. Before anyone asks, no, I have no intention on selling it...but I digress...
Today was the day that my GPU was ready for curbside pickup. If it wasn't for COVID, I would have no issues with picking it up inside. Just a couple weeks ago I attempted to go inside Target to do some food and clothes shopping. I walked in, almost had a panic attack, and walked back out. No, it'll be curbside for me.
On the BestBuy app, for curbside pickup it says I need to bring ID. It also asks for the curbside parking spot number, type of vehicle, and color of said vehicle. It also requires you to show your order number to the employee. I was pretty excited so I forgot to have my ID at the ready. Turns out it didn't matter anyway. As the employee walked out of the store, they went up to a silver pickup truck (Edit: I was in a black coupe) parked right in front of the store and said something to the driver very quickly and then started walking my way. I have no idea what was said, but I can only assumed they asked "Are you ******?" because once they came to my window and asked me that same thing, I just shook my head yes. Before I even showed them the order number, the bag was already being pushed through my window. I hold my phone up, they glance at it very quickly, then said "Take it." I take the bag, and told to have a nice day. No identification was ever shown, and I never spoke a word, only nodded to the affirmative at the question "Are you *********?"
This isn't some food order at Applebee's. This is a $600 piece of hardware that I would have never been able to afford to get at this time without the stimulus check, and so extremely lucky to have found at MSRP. You don't just nonchalantly hand it through the window of the first person to acknowledge non-verbally that they are who you are looking for.
I would never ask something like this, but to me this is extremely important. Please share this. Yes, I will also make a formal complaint to BestBuy, and I will also try sharing this to the YouTube "influencers" in the Tech field. I have no idea if this is a common practice, or if it was just a lazy employee. Either way, this is just a horrible way for this to have transpired. Thank you so much for reading this up to this point if you have done so.
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Re: Very disturbing curbside practice.

Hey, KirkLau,


Thank you for reaching out to us about your concerns with our curbside pick up process. We take our customer privacy very seriously, and I can understand your concern as it does not sound like the process for curbside pickup was followed here.


Our Contactless Curbside Pickup service was created with your safety and convivence as the top priority. We're sad to hear this process may not have been followed appropriately and that you felt unsafe about the security of your new purchase. 


Please send us a private message with your full name, email, and phone number so that I can document this feedback formally here at the corporate campus. 



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