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Very Rule Customer representative at Willowbrook store



Today I had visited the the Best Busy at Willowbrook(7318 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77070).  I must say that it was a store that I normally dont shop at however since I was in the neighborhood I thought I would go ahead and purchase a new phone.  I met a girl name Kristen there and at the first get go I would say that she is very rude as she was not able to explain the different plans and labor day sales.  As she was explaining to us, I was not able to understand what she was saying because she was speaking so fast and she had a mask on, so I attempted to ask her that I am sorry that I don't understand what you are saying from which point she said that "you know since you don't understand anything" will just leave the sale portion out and go with the first option.  After at that point I asked to speak to another associate and she said that again. I have bought things from bestbuy multiple times and am a regular customer.  I have not experienced this kind of rudeness from an associate ever.  She made me feel so dumb and I am not a dumb person, me and my wife couldn't understand.  She definitely needs to learn how to talk to customers and have a bit more respect.  I also talked to the manager Xavier.  She needs to be either written up or get fired.
Please see what you can do about this, I would appreciate a follow up. 
Thank you for your time
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Re: Very Rule Customer representative at Willowbrook store

Welcome to our community, sammy106.


In my life, I can count the number of memorable truly terrible experiences I've had in retail on one hand. But I remember them vividly and how they influenced many things that came afterward. It is never our goal to treat our customers with the kind of dismissive disrespect that you've described--certainly quite the reverse is true. Our store representatives should always be helpful and informative and speak to you and our other customers clearly and with a view to ensuring you understand as much as possible in order to make the best decisions you can. I know that face coverings can on rare occasions hamper a conversation, but I truly believe that it is the responsibility of our associates to ensure clear communication. Your description of your experience makes it clear that Kristen at our Willowbrook location did not live up to that not unreasonable expectation and for that I most sincerely apologize.


I was gratified to hear that you elected to speak to Xavier during your visit. That kind of in-the-moment feedback is very helpful for our store leaders in addressing concerns as they arise in a prompt and effective manner.


With regard to your request for follow up, as a matter of practice coaching or disciplinary conversations and actions are not shared with our customers. Such matters are considered confidential and internal to Best Buy.


Please know I am grateful you took the time to hare your experience with us, both in store and via our community. 

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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