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Very Easy Question

I recently purchased a Samsung Chromebook at a retail store and when I unboxed it the built in pen was not built in. I sent a message to wherever on the customer support and I said I have a feeling it was just a mistake and not intentional, I would just like to know if you plan on giving me a pen or if I have to buy one seperately, which I don't mind doing because it's not that expensive compared to the cost of the machine. I got a response from the GM of the store I bourght it at and he said "I apologize for the missing pen. You can return the computer and we will give you a full refund." Nowhere in my email did I say I was going to return the computer because of a missing pen. Second, why would this dude rather get a return for $613 instead of just providiing a pen that is $20-$30, which I already paid for? Finally, I got the last one available, they're all sold out, I'm not going to return it over something stupid like that and it takes me about 2 hours roundtrip to go to the store which I just did yesterday, so it's nice of him to offer my money back even though that wasn't even an option I was looking for, but he can't offer the time I took to research the computer, driving there, going in the store, standing in line, driving home, emailng to ask the question, getting a response that wasn't even relevant, dirving back to best buy, going in, standing in line, returning the computer, driving home and having no computer and not breaking even because gas costs money, so essentially this dude wants me to burn a $20 bill because it's no skin off his back. Idiot.

My question there even a pen that's compatible with Samsung Chromebook? Not the Samsung Chromebook 2, the original one that comes with a pen built in, unless you're me and it doesn't and the GM doesn't even offer you one that you paid for. I bought 3 at Staples today. None worked. If it's the case that the only compatible pen is the one that comes with the computer, that guy who told me to return my computer, is going to find me a pen and send it to me, it's not on me to return the last one of something I bought just because someone else took it upon themselves to steal a pen because that's the only rational reason it wouldn't be there, somebody removed it. It would never leave the Samsung factory without a pen with all the checks and balances. 

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Re: Very Easy Question

If you bought a product and it had missing accessories, stores are not equipped to open another box or replace the accessory missing. Your only recourse would be to return the item for a refund. Or an exchange and hope that all the items are in there.


In a perfect world , yes, you're right it would be good customer service for them to just give you the pen but that can't be done unfortunately.

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Re: Very Easy Question

Hi there, kano4545,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on our community forums. I know accessories like this can make devices much easier to use so I can understand your disappointment to discover this missing once you had arrived home. I would be glad to provide some details about what options we have available under our Return & Exchange Promise.


As hockeycanuckjc mentioned, if a product arrives with damage or defects we can generally assist you in processing a return or exchange. As this Chromebook is no longer in stock it does sound like processing return would be the available option at this time.


I can certainly understand wanting to keep this Chromebook so there are some other possibilities you can pursue. I would recommend working with Samsung Support for assistance in finding a compatible pen or options for a replacement.


I hope I was able to provide some additional information, please feel free to let me know if I can help with any other questions.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Very Easy Question

Henrik Sedin, where did I suggest that they open a box and take it out of there so the next person that buys one will have the same problem as me? I did mention I bought the last one, so that absurd idea isn't even possible. What I am suggesting is contacting the Sales Rep from Samsung that covers that store and asking them for a pen. Every company has an outside sales rep and every outside sales rep is able to do things like this for their customers. I know this because Im an outside sales rep for a large corporation and fixing problems like this is part of my job. If a customer purchases a product that has X amount of parts and or accessories and one of the said parts or accessories are missing, acquire the missing part and give it to the customer. The only thing the store needs to be equipped with to provide this service is common sense.
Thank you for the response Andrew, unlike Hendrik Sedins, yours actually provided me with a possible solution, or at least a step towards finding one.