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Very Disappointed in Recent Visit. Treated as if I was nothing.

Bestbuy has always been my favorite store to go to for electronic and appliance needs ever since I was young growing up because my parents been members for the longest. Never had a bad experience with BestBuy until my recent visit that occurred on, July 9th. Bestbuy Tallahassee (Store 435).  I was so disgusted with my interaction/visit I didn't even get the chance to buy anything! 


I walked inside the store and employees were standing in the front. MULTIPLE employees, I walked inside and absolutely no one greeted me or asked if I needed assistance. I kept looking around going back and forth --to show that I was puzzled and needed help and still---they just stood there as if I was nothing. It's not like the store was busy or if the employees had tasks and had their hands full. Walking into any kind of establishment and being greeted is VERY important! It sets the tone for the customer. So, even at the fact that I wasn't greeted or no one at all in the store came up to me and spoke--, I didn't let that stop me from getting the product that I really wanted.


I was looking for a touchpad for digital drawing. 


I went over to the mac/apple section because I thought apple had their very own touchpad and digital pens. I don't remember the employee's name but I called him over and explained to him how I just got a MacBook and I'm looking for a wireless touchpad so I can work on adobe illustrator and do digital drawings to make it easier instead of using my laptop's mouse/pad. This employee then says "oh no one even buys or uses wireless touchpads anymore-- you honestly should just get our iPad pro." My face is so confused..... What kind of suggestion or recommendation is that? I just told you, I have a MacBook recently purchased and I'm looking for a wireless touchpad and you tell me to buy an iPad pro? Then here comes the funny part.... He then says "but right now our iPad pros are out of stock." So if they are out of stock.... why even tell me that I should buy it? I say no thank you and ask where are the wireless touchpads. He points me to the direction to where there are--- and leaves.... I call him back and ask what are the difference between these two products that were next to each other but different prices. This is the part that infuriates me. Just lazy! and how a customer should not be treated. He says "Ohh this is not my area of expertise, I honestly don't know much about those products but feel free to GOOGLE it and find the difference"... This is so rude, yes google is an option, but aren't there other employees in the store you could've called over to assist me? instead of just suggesting google... Telling someone to google something when they have asked you directly is just rude and poor customer service/communication.  I can tell this man didn't want to be bothered by me at all..... Wasn't sure if he was in a rush or having a bad day, but that's not how a customer should be treated. Even if he didn't know much about the touchpads, he could've called someone over who can help me .. not just tell me to pull out my phone and use google.  I was so shocked and disgusted. One of the touchpads was in the wrong place, and he just moved it to the side, so I honestly never even figured out the difference between the products or the benefits without me having to read the box....  I still needed help but after that happened and that poor /rude interaction I was disappointed and just wanted to leave. As I am leaving the store EMPTY handed... Not one single employee asked me if everything was okay, or if I found everything that I needed... I exited the store and the store DOOR GREETERS didn't even wish me a good day or bye or anything. They didn't say anything to me at all.  I understand COVID-19 is going on, but I most definitely had on a mask and there is absolutely no reason why I should've been treated as if I was the scum of the earth. Bestbuy claims that there all about customer service going above and beyond to make sure experiences are great and finding the product you need---- but that didn't happen at all when I went to this store.  I didn't do anything at all to be treated this way! I went out of my way to go to this location to get assisted so I can be sure about this product... Something needs to be done. Very apprehensive about going back to this location because of this horrible experience. 


July 9th around 5:00PM

I'm sure if you check the cameras you can see the whole entire time I was there and how I was ignored. I know BestBuy can do better. I love this company and don't want this have to be my last visit to this location. 



-Poor suggestions / recommendations

-Poor customer service

-Poor communication

-Lazy employees

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Re: Very Disappointed in Recent Visit. Treated as if I was nothing.

Good afternoon, vanessa0525,


Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experience at our Best Buy Tallahassee location. We strive to provide expert service so it's concerning to hear about your visit.


Did you have the opportunity to speak to a store manager? If not, I would be glad to reach out to them on your behalf to make sure they are aware of your experience.


I will need some additional details to do so. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name
Email address
Phone number


Do you recall the names of any employees you saw during your visit? A description of them would also be helpful. You can send me a private message by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this post. I'll keep an eye out for your response.



AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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