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Vague Return Policy

I went to return a new galaxy s10 on the 14th day of the return policy. I wanted to return it so I could preorder the Note 10+. I wouldn’t have waited to return it, but it was only the day before that it was announced the Note 10 could be pre ordered. Upon walking up to the mobile center at Best Buy and requesting to return my phone the employee, who I didn't know was the mobile service manager, started to act unprofessional. They had an attitude like they didn’t want to help me and were very quick to say they didn’t know if I could return the phone since it was activated. After they checked the receipt and saw it was the 14th day for the return they proceeded to tell me that I couldn’t return it because I bought the phone at 6:30 pm on the 26th and it was 8 pm on the 9th . They told me I was over an hour late and there was nothing I could do because it was on my phone carriers end of the plan that won’t let me do it a minute after I bought it on that 14th day. They didn’t even check to see or help me besides give me the advice to call my phone carrier and have them extend the return for a day and come back tomorrow.


I immediately called the phone carrier and just as I assumed there was nothing they could do. They were more of a help and did more to find out why I couldn’t return the phone because an hour and a half late is a little ridiculous. The customer service agent called Best Buy to talk to someone that had more knowledge about phone returns, since I was getting the runaround. They informed me that the return policy counts the day you activate your device as day 1 of the return policy so I was in fact a day late on my return. Why does the mobile service supervisor not know this?


This is where my confusion with the return policy and customer service I received from the mobile service supervisor frustrates me. I went back in and a different employee, the geek squad manager, came to help me. He was also confused about how I was treated and misinformed a half hour earlier. He proceeded to check if the computer would let me return the device, which the other supervisor didn’t even attempt supposedly because I was an hour and a half past the “return time”. He was very understanding of my problem and was very respectful. I then asked if there is anything at all that I can do to try and make things right as I have bought all my electronics, 3 big screen TVs, 8 mobile devices, a PS4 , and numerous other items at this store, and since the return policy on the receipt or the paperwork for the phone purchase/activation doesn’t state that day 1 of the return policy is the day my purchase was activated. I assumed as any other return policy I have experienced that I had 14 days after the day I made the purchase. He gave me the number for “corporate” on the back of his business card so I could call and try and see if there is anything that could be done about the return. I called the number and found out that it was just the number to best buy customer service (888-237-8289) and there is absolutely nothing they could do to help me.


My frustration would have been minimal if I had received better customer service the first time I walked into the store. Then it took a phone call to my cell phone carrier, under the advice of the supervisor, to find out the actual return policy. Then I was given the number to customer service, who doesn’t deal with in store purchases or have the advice to contact corporate except through social media. I have been given the run around again and again and now I am beyond disappointed with how I have been treated through this whole ordeal. The problem started at the store and now it ends with the vague return policy that is presented on the receipt and cellphone paperwork. I don’t feel like I should have been told to call my phone carrier, call “corporate” aka customer service, or have to find this forum to voice my concerns in order to try and get answers. This is by far the worst customer service I have received from Best Buy.

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Re: Vague Return Policy

Hi, hawks12,


Welcome to Best Buy’s online community. I am in the market of purchasing a new phone, and I was very excited to see the Note 10, Note 10+, and the Note 10+ 5G release earlier this week. I am always on the go, so the superfast charge that can power my phone within minutes is one of its attracting features to me. Since I am always on the go, I don’t always stay up-to-date on new releases, so I can understand your surprise to see that after a couple of weeks of purchasing you Galaxy s10, you found the Note 10+ available to purchase and headed over to your local store. 


Having to share disappointing news is never a fun job, and I can understand that the way it is delivered can make an impact on the overall experience. I want to apologize if the service that the mobile service manager caused you an inconvenience, and could have share more about the Return and Exchange policy and its processes. Based on what you shared, it is great to know that you went back to the store and spoke with another manager who was able to listen to you. I am glad that you decided to go back, and that we were able to deliver a better experience. 



With that said, mobile returns and exchanges have their unique process. Most mobile transactions are connected with a service provider and have a contract that Best Buy’s system follows. Our team will be happy to document your concern to help share feedback with our store leadership. To best assist, you, log into the forum and select the Private Message option from my signature to send me a private message. In this message, include your name, email address, and phone number.


Karina|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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