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Unprofessional and Demeaning Behavior by Store Manager, Peter {removed per forum guidelines}, #594

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I am posting here because I do not know how else to provide a complaint.  I would appreciate if anyone can help me contact district or higher level offices. I have a complaint against a store GM and his behavior.  So far, I keep getting the run around.  Online chat tells me to call 888BESTBUY, but 888BESTBUY tells me to go into the store to deal with the instore experience.  But I cannot provide a complaint to the manager in question.  Below is a very brief summary of the issue.

I witnessed the most unprofessional behavior by store manager at store 594 in Longview, TX, Peter {removed per forum guidelines}, that I have ever seen in a supposed professional atmosphere. There was a miscommunication issue between he and a customer. While they were discussing it (and the Manager was not being very customer focused - he was defensive and rude), he suddenly shifted his attention to a bystander standing behind him and said "is there a problem? you're not going to glare at me like that" and kicks him out of the store. The bystander was dumbfounded and humiliated because there were several people observing. When I tried to intervene and ask what was going on, Peter said "I am the highest manager of this store and I can just tell by looking at someone that they were about to get hostile." I pressed him to give me the name or contact of the person he was accountable to. He said he was accountable to no one (which is obviously false) and told me he did not have higher level managers on the district or regional level. I pressed him further so he sarcastically said "1-888-BestBuy." He then kicked me out of his store. He was on a very serious power trip, was very arrogant, and was very unprofessional. Everything from the indifferent customer service I received that day to the unprofessional manager are the symptoms of a dying company. 
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Re: Unprofessional and Demeaning Behavior by Store Manager, Peter Millan, #594

this is absolutely unacceptable behavior from anyone, much less at that level.  There must be a way to report such behavior.  If I cannot find a way, I will contact the Better Business Bureau about this store location.

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Re: Unprofessional and Demeaning Behavior by Store Manager, Peter {removed per forum guidelines},...

Hey there, gent23mj,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community and thank you for creating an account to share this feedback with us. Our goal is to provide the best shopping experience possible, so it hurts to hear that your time on our Longview, TX location was a far cry from that. I know how I'd feel if I witnessed an employee talking to a customer in that manner, so I'm glad you brought this to our attention!


My team is located at our Corporate Office and I would be more than happy to document this feedback for further review. In addition to documenting your complaint, I would like to dig into this situation further. We want our customers to leave the store feeling happier than when they came in. We know an important part of that is feeling heard and cared about should a question or concern come up, which is why it makes me sad to learn how Peter treated you and others while visiting our Longview store.


You might have noticed that your post has been edited. That's because we don't allow personal information, such as the full names of our employees, to be posted on our public page. That said, I'd love the chance to review this further and see how we can help, as well as provide training so that things are handled differently going forward. For me to help, can you send over your full name, phone number, and email using the "Private Message" option below? Also, did Peter provide any reasoning for why he was kicking customers out of the store? Any additional details you can provide around what was going on would be appreciated. 



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Re: Unprofessional and Demeaning Behavior by Store Manager, Peter {removed per forum guidelines}, #5

This topic has been moved to its own thread under the board Best Buy Store Purchase for further review.