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Unhappy with laptop.

In early of January this year I went to a Best Buy to purchase a laptop for my college life I was about to start, I then purchased an asus laptop with the model number of Q525UA-BI7T9 , I thought I would like it at first as it seemed to be alright but after about a month I started to have troubles with the disk, getting 100% at random times and it would sometimes last for hours and hours with nothing using more than 5MB/s. And now that I've gotten back into a game called ff14 that is about 8 and a half years it can't even run it at above 30 fps. After checking the reviews for it on the best buy page I found most of the 1 star ratings were saying the same thing, that this was a bad laptop that would constantly get 100% disk usage, found here, , I would really like to return/exchange it and pay extra to get something more stable like an alienware but I've just been told that it's past the 15 days so there is nothing I can do, I have geeksquad but from the help of a computer engineer friend and those reviews it just seems to be the model of laptop that is not functional, please tell me if there is anything I can do to return it for the $1000 off a different more reliable laptop, thank you.

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Re: Unhappy with laptop.

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Hey, coolcam834,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for the post! As a former college student, I know how important a laptop is. I'm sorry to hear you're not satisfied with the one you purchased. 


Once outside of the return period outlined in our Returns Promise, we would not be able to accept a product for a return or exchange. That said, you can always look into making an appointment with your local Geek Squad to have the computer checked out, ensuring it's functioning properly. 





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